I'm Going to Start Blogging About Radar Networks Here

haven’t blogged very much about my stealth startup, Radar Networks,
yet. At the most, I’ve made a few cryptic posts and announcements in the past, but we’ve been keeping things pretty quiet. That’s been a conscious  decision because we have been working
intensively on R&D  and we just weren’t ready to say much yet.

some companies which have done massive and deliberate hype about unreleased vapor software, we
really felt it would be better to just focus on our work and let it
speak for itself when we release it.

The fact is we have been working quietly for several years on something really big, and really hard. It hasn’t always been easy — there have been some  technical challenges that took a long time to overcome. And it took us a long time to find VC’s daring enough to back us.

The thing is, what we are making is not a typical Web 2.0 "build it and flip it in 6 months" kind of project. It’s deep technology that has long-term infrastructure-level implications for the Web and the future of content. And until recently we really didn’t even have a good way to describe it to non-techies. So we just focused on our work and figured we would talk about it someday in the future.

But perhaps I’ve erred on the side of
caution — being so averse to gratuitous hype that I have literally said almost
nothing publicly about the company. We didn’t even issue a press release about our Series A round (which
happened last April — I’ll be adding one to our new corporate site, which launches on Sunday night however, for historical purposes), and until today, our site at Radar has been  just
a one-page placeholder with no info at all about what we are doing.

But something happened that changed my mind about this recently. I had lunch with my friend Munjal Shah, the CEO of Riya. Listening to Munjal tell his stories about how he has blogged so openly about Riya’s growth, even from way before their launch, and how that has provided him and his team with amazingly valuable community feedback, support, critiques, and new ideas, really got me thinking. Maybe it’s time Radar Networks started telling a little more of its story? It seems like the team at Riya really benefitted from being so open. So although, we’re still in stealth-mode and there are limits to what we can say at this point, I do think there are some aspects we can start to talk about, even before we’ve launched. And besides that our story itself is interesting — it’s the story of what it’s like to build and work in a deep-technology play in today’s venture economy.

So that’s what I’m going to start doing here — I’m going to start telling our story on this blog, Minding the Planet. I already have around 500 regular readers, and most of them are scientists and hard-core techies and entrepreneurs. I’ve been writing mainly about emerging technologies that are interesting enough to inspire me to post about them, and once in a while about ideas I have been thinking about. These are also subjects that are of interest to the people who read this blog. But now I’m also going to start blogging more about Radar Networks and what we are doing and how it’s going. I’ll post about our progress, the questions we have, the achievements on our team, and of course news about our launch plans. And I hope to hear from people out there who are interested in joining us when we do our private invite-only beta tests.

still quite a ways from a public launch, but we do have something
working in the lab and it’s very exciting. Our VC’s want us to launch
it now, but it’s still an early alpha and we think it needs a lot more
work (and testing) before our baby is ready to step out into the big
world out there. But it looks promising. I do think, all modesty aside
for a moment, that it has the potential to really advance the Web on a
broad scale. And it’s exciting to work on.

This post is already long enough, so I’ll finish here for the moment. In my upcoming posts I will start to talk a little bit more about the new category that Radar Networks is going to define, and some of the technologies we’re using, and challenges we’ve overcome along the way. And I’ll share some insights, and stories, and successes we’ve had.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, and
besides that, my dinner’s ready. More later.

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  1. Munjal Shah says:

    Good luck with the blog and the product Nova!