Insightful Article About Twine

Carla Thompson, an analyst for Guidewire Group, has written what I think is a very insightful article about her experience participating in the early-access wave of the Twine beta.

We are now starting to let the press in and next week we will begin to let waves of people in from our over 30,000 user wait list. We will be letting people into the beta in waves every week going forward.

As Carla notes, Twine is a work in progress and we are mainly focused on learning from our users now. We have lots more to do, but we’re very excited about the direction Twine is headed in, and it’s really great to see Twine getting so much active use.


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One Response to Insightful Article About Twine

  1. zeb hodge says:

    Now I’m even more eager to try it out!