Is it Only Wednesday?

Is it only Wednesday? It feels like a whole week already! I’ve been in back-to-back VC meetings, board discussions and strategy meetings since last week. I think this must be related to the heating-up of the "Web 3.0" meme and the semantic sector in general. Perhaps it is also due to the coverage we got in the Guidewire Report and newsletter which went out to everyone who went to DEMO, and also perhaps because of some influential people in the biz have been talking about us. We’ve been very careful not to show our app to anyone because it does some things that are really new. We don’t want to spread that around (yet). Anyway it’s been pretty busy — not just for me, but for the whole team. Everyone is on full afterburners right now.

By the way — I’m really proud or product team (hope you guys are reading this)– the team has made an alpha that is not only a breakthrough on the technical level, but it also looks incredibly good too. Some of the select few who have seen our app so far have said, "the app looks beautiful" and "wow, that’s amazing" etc. We’ve done some cool things with NLP, graph analysis, and statistics under the hood. And the GUI is also very slick. Probably the best team I’ve worked with.

If you are interested in helping to beta-test the consumer Semantic Web, We’re planning on doing invite-only beta trials this summer — sign up at our website to be on our beta invite list.

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