Is Turbo10 Better than Google?

According to The Register, Turbo10 is better than Google. Decide for yourself here. They search the “deep web” by going directly into 1000’s of databases, rather than just scraping Web pages.

5 Responses to Is Turbo10 Better than Google?

  1. Denny says:

    Hmmm…I tried a search and it was definitely underwhelming.

  2. As did I, it appears to not be a replacement for Google in finding general interest webpages or in doing Ego searches.
    Might be better at deep searches in specific areas, but very hard to tell based on my initial testing it was decidedly underwhelming.

  3. Nova Spivack says:

    I agree. However, one thing I noticed is that the little arrow thingy on the left is a scrollbar so there are at least more results than I initially thought. Still there index appears to be very small. What’s the big deal??? I’m not sure what they hype is about.

  4. mike says:

    I agree Nova

  5. Eddie Parker says:

    I have yet to check out the site, but I’m immediately skeptical. The Register is notoriously anti-Google, with or without reason.
    The comments definitely seem to be indicative of this as well.