My New Tivo Series 3

I got the TiVo Series 3 box today and installed it. It takes 2 cable cards and can record simultaneously on two channels at once, in HDTV. It also connects to my wireless network instead of using regular phone lines. Nice. Unfortunately one of the cable card slots was defective — this apparently is a pretty common defect with these boxes according to my cable guy who spent an hour trying to get it to work and has already encountered the same issue for 3 other customers of his recently. So TiVo is shipping me a replacement box. Anyway it looks like it will be worth the hassle. Prior to getting this new toy, I had a generic DVR from my cable provider and it sucked so bad by comparison I’m surprised they even bother. TiVo has a vastly superior menu system, and the recommendation features can’t be beat. 

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One Response to My New Tivo Series 3

  1. peter royal says:

    tivo rocks. i have a dual-tuner series2 box from directv. alas, the series3 like you have will eventually be my upgrade since directv + tivo severed their partnership. we were dying the month we went without our tivo 🙂