Open IRIS – Semantic Desktop PIM Released!

Yesterday, the first public open-source release of Open IRIS was annnounced. IRIS is a Java-based desktop semantic personal information manager developed by SRI (with help from my own company, Radar Networks — we provided a some of our early semantic object libraries and a native triplestore, and some work on UI; note that our own upcoming products, and our semantic applications platform, are quite different from IRIS and focused on different needs, however), as part of the DARPA CALO program. IRIS provides a rich semantic web based environment for desktop personal knowledge management across activities, applications and types of information. This release is primarily for semantic web and AI researchers for now — in other words, it’s still early-stage software (not intended for end-user consumers…yet) — but for researchers IRIS provides what may be the most comprehensive, robust development  platform  for building next-generation learning applications that help people work with their desktop information more productively. If you’re interested in a practical example of how the semantic web looks and feels on the desktop, see the information on the Open IRIS site, or if you’re a bit more of a geek, download it and try it yourself. Congratulations to the IRIS team at SRI on this release!

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