Quick Video Preview of Twine

The New Scientist just posted a quick video preview of Twine to YouTube. It only shows a tiny bit of the functionality, but it’s a sneak peak.

We’ve been letting early beta testers into Twine and we’re learning a lot from all the great feedback, and also starting to see some cool new uses of Twine. There are around 20,000 people on the wait-list already, and more joining every day. We’re letting testers in slowly, focusing mainly on people who can really help us beta test the software at this early stage, as we go through iterations on the app. We’re getting some very helpful user feedback to make Twine better before we open it up the world.

For now, here’s a quick video preview:

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4 Responses to Quick Video Preview of Twine

  1. Warren Yoder says:

    What a strange feeling to see this video, then notice a new e-mail from Twine requesting a connection to me as “Has Uncle”. RDF triples make perfect sense in context, but “Has Uncle” in an e-mail had a strange LOL Cat “has cheezburger” feel. This concatenation of Web 1.x (e-mail) and Web 3.0 (Twine) will take a little getting used to. By the way, both Accept and Notifications lead me to Twine.com. I have no idea if I accepted or not.

  2. GuiM.fr says:

    Twine : preview video

    J’ai hâte de tester ! Via Mindind the Planet et The New Scientist.


    Was not quite able to see what was going on in the video. Twine looks quite interesting, would like to get my hands on it. On another note I would like to say that my company has been working for the past 9 years on expressing semantics in an entirely different way and we are also about to go live in the new year under thoughtexpress.com with our offerings. Our approach has been to find deep semantic expression for knowledge so as to enable machine to run enterprises. Twine mines, our system at the moment requires explicit semantic input (form of expression follows natural human thought patterns). Very different approach. Anyway – interesting how all the efforts in the semantic web space will evolve …
    Pawel Lubczonok

  4. For this non-geek, former WSJ reporter I could grasp a snapshot of the potential for Twine… buttht is all
    Eager to learn more. Souneds like it has great potential