Radar Networks Announces Twine.com

My company, Radar Networks, has just come out of stealth. We’ve announced what we’ve been working on all these years: It’s called Twine.com. We’re going to be showing Twine publicly for the first time at the Web 2.0 Summit tomorrow. There’s lot’s of press coming out where you can read about what we’re doing in more detail. The team is extremely psyched and we’re all working really hard right now so I’ll be brief for now. I’ll write a lot more about this later.


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4 Responses to Radar Networks Announces Twine.com

  1. Bruce says:

    Congrats Nova, I can’t wait to see more.

  2. vinni says:

    Was checking twine, boy it really looks like something. I am really impressed with your definition of web 2.0/web 3.0. I never thought of it that way. Great perspective.

  3. Zeb Hodge says:

    I’ve been reading your articles and following Radar’s goings on since last year. And now, seeing the branding and hearing the demos, I have a much clearer picture of what you and your team been working on for FIVE YEARS.
    I am so, so eager to try it out.

  4. Andrew Clark says:

    I have been following this emergence closely since the Web2.0 summit. I am a developmental psychiatrist with a research interest in social networking platforms and the human potential that can be brought forth from the semantic web if its done right! I also have a great interest in risk behavior as this is my NIDA funded research with adolescent populations. Basically, I’ve started out on creating an evidence base for the risks and benefits of social networking among kids. I have a rich vision for the human interface to a semantic web which accounts for the subtler dynamic aspects of my field. I am formalizing these specific elements currently. The collective consciousness is emerging with the unconscious soon following suit. Please provide safety measures for individuals and society embedded within it. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries, so neccessary yet they will soon be so more diffused than ever before with web3.0. I am interested in forming a consulting firm to this specific aim but am just getting it figured out. Please contact me for interest, discussion, or suggestions.