Radar Networks Progress Update

I’m sitting the Dynasty Lounge in Taipei, enroute to Singpore where I will be addressing ministers of the government there on the potential of the Semantic Web. Singapore is a very forward-looking country and they have some very exciting new initiatives in the works there. After that I hope to have a little time for a vacation and then I’m heading back to San Francisco, returning on August 1.

I should have email for all or most of the time here, so that is the best way to reach me directly. And of course you can comment on this blog too.

As for the company — lots of good news here at Radar Networks.

First of all the team has gotten the next version of our alpha up (our hosted Web service for the Semantic Web) and it’s getting awesome! We’re on track for a invite only launch in the fall timeframe as planned.

We also chose a brand for our product, with help from the mad geniuses at Igor International. The new brand is secret until launch but we love it. We’ll be announcing the brand close to launch.

If you want to be invited to our launch and be one of the first to see how useful the Semantic Web really can be — sign up for our mailing list at http://www.radarnetworks.com/ — and feel free to invite your friends to sign up too. Only people who sign up will get on our waiting list. We already have around 2000 bloggers and other influencers pre-registered, and more are coming every day, so don’t wait — it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’ll be letting people into the service in waves.

Another exciting development: Several of the world’s big media empires have started approaching me to see how they can get involved in the network we are building here at Radar Networks. They are interested in the potential of the Semantic Web for adding new capabilities to their content and new services for their audiences. That’s an exciting direction to explore for us. If you have large collections of interesting, useful, content of value to particular audiences, or if you have large audiences that need a better way to do stuff on the Web, feel free to drop me a line and we can discuss how you might be able to get involved with the Semantic Web in partnership with us.

In other news, I am still inundated with hundreds of emails from interesting people who read the articles about us in this month’s Business 2.0 and BusinessWeek. It’s been very interesting to connect with so many other thinkers and businesses. Forgive me in advance if takes me a while to write back — I promise I will.

I can’t wait to come back to San Francisco and start playing with our alpha — it’s really getting there. All the credit should go to our awesome development team. They’ve been writing tons of code and it’s starting to really pay off.

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