Scoble Gets the Semantic Web

Robert Scoble spent 2 hours with us looking at our app yesterday. We had a great conversation and he had many terrific ideas and suggestions for us. We are still in stealth, so we asked him to agree not say much about what we showed him yet. He blogged a very nice post about us today, providing a few hints.

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One Response to Scoble Gets the Semantic Web

  1. Yihong Ding says:

    Robert’s post is indeed great. And you have done great work on realizing the semantic web too.
    I also have written a review post after reading Robert’s article and have shared my opinions with my friend Trent Adams. I guess you might like to watch both of the comments.
    Again, you have done great work. Radar Networks is currently leading this trend of realizing the dream of semantic web.