Subvocalization Becomes a Reality

Cool. This is an idea I came up with several years ago; looks like it’s actually possible. The idea is to detect a person’s “whispers” as a way to enable private speech input. It’s called subvocalization. NASA has figured out how to do it.

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One Response to Subvocalization Becomes a Reality

  1. fabiana says:

    I am Italian. I think subvocalization may start when one gives images more attention rather than sounds. But what to do when exams are taken on books (354 pages) in which half of the sentences are like these?
    “The dimensions of the ecclesiastic goods are so extended that through their acquisition the bourgeoisie control is actuated on great part of the land in the south centre part of Italy without the nobler property being touched.”
    “In a society largely projected towards full industrialization, full with values from the capitalistic world, a completely precapitalistic production relationship continues to exist in a sector mainly linked to the mercantilist production of the top class raw material of the industrial revolution. Something similar to what had been given and was given for many other base-product supplier countries for industry or for nourishment. Then, in 800, and even today on the historiographical plan, the “disturbance” element was due to the fact that the “peculiar institution” was prospering in a country, as it is nowadays said, advanced.“
    I am preparing the exam in economic history on it. I tried several times to stop subvocalization but it did not work with me. Maybe English texts are easier?