TV2ME Unveiled

Think outside your cable box! My long-time friend, the legendary Ken Schaffer, has finally come out of stealth with his new project, TV2ME. In a nutshell, it enables you to watch your own cable subscription channels live from anywhere via broadband over the Net. The system connects your cable box to a video streaming system that only you can access via the net. So for example, when you are on the road you can still catch your local broadcasts and home team games, right from your laptop! It’s a new spin on the concept of video-streaming and P2P. Instead of sharing your video with others, you are accessing your own video from anywhere. Read this article for an overview of TV2ME, and Ken Schaffer, one of the most colorful geniuses I know (picture Lenny Bruce crossed with Richard Feynman).

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8 Responses to TV2ME Unveiled

  1. John Maxwell Hobbs says:

    I’ve been doing this for a while thanks to a programmer named Andreas Junghans.
    Check out
    You need a Mac and EyeTV on the cable end Mac, Window or Unix on the receiving end.

  2. Forever Geek says:

    TV2ME: Changing the Way We Watch Television

    Electronics wizard, Ken Schaffer, has developed a media streamer capable of delivering high-quality, live broadcasts to your PC (with broadband connection) – regardless of your location. The system is based on a custom video capture board and a Dell PC…

  3. billy says:

    nice definitely innovative.

  4. Jonathan Birge says:

    If the greatest genius you know is somebody who has bothered to devote a significant portion of his life to the idea of streaming one’s cable connection over the internet, then you need to hang out with a new group of people, my friend.

  5. Nova Spivack says:

    Kenny is definitely a genius — you should do some research on him before you comment — do a Google search for “ken schaffer” and read up on him…

  6. Jonathan Birge says:

    After reviewing the Google results, the call on the field stands. For example, I’d say he’d be a genius if he’d actually invented the wireless microphone, and wasn’t just the first guy to introduce the concept to musicians. However, I must admit he is damn good at addressing current needs with existing technology. But I still say the term genius is way overused these days, and seems to apply to anyone capable of high novelty, not neccesarily high quality.

  7. traceyscanlon says:

    I met Kenny Schaffer years ago, and have kept us ever since. You wouldn’t say what you said if you knew: Kenny was the first to use a compander on a narrow band FM circuit, resulting in a 40dB increase in signal to noise ratio and the first to utilize diversity reception to avoid fade out and the first to use multistage helical cavity resonators to prevent police calls from drowning out Satisfaction Brown Sugar TEars Go By etc. That’s what he introduced musicians to. And that’s not the half of it. What have you invented lately?

  8. Jonathan Birge says:

    Tracy: A method to measure pulses of light that are about a millionth of a billionth of a second long []. But I don’t consider myself a genius, either. (By the way, how’s that for a late response?)