Cool Women in Tech

Hey, I’m posting this to support my friend Kaliya’s  (un)conference for women in  tech called She’s Geeky, A Women’s Tech (un)conference (October 22-23 in Mountain View, CA).

Here at  Radar Networks we’re proud that we have a bunch of really smart women across all areas of the company including Sonja Erickson our awesome VP of systems, Jennifer Agostinelli who runs operations and makes our culture great, Karen Marcelo who hacks code and in her free time builds fire-breathing robots, Lara Fields who hacks RDF in a land called Cucamonga, Susan Mayo who is not only a woman in tech but also a woman in soccer, Tricia Royal who is a designer of many things, and just this week we added Kim Laama on UI, and soon two more women are joining our team. More than 1/3 of our staff are women — Not bad for a company working on bleeding-edge tech!!!

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