Defining the Web 2.0 Customer

Nivi has a good post on defining the different types of Web 2.0 customers. He says:

You can break down Web 2.0 customers into a fuzzy hierarchy:

  1. Creators who create an “original” work.
    Examples include a reporter at the New York Times, a podcaster, a
    blogger who is writing original content, or the author of Harry Potter.

  2. Linkers who annotate the work of Creators.
    Examples include a blogger who mostly links to other content or a user who publishes the RSS feed of his bookmarks.

  3. Commenters who comment on the Creator’s and Linker’s work. Examples include anyone who writes a comment on a blog.

  4. Surfers who consume the output of Creators, Linkers, and Commenters. Anytime you read someone’s blog, you are a Surfer.

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