Fun With CoolWhip: The Twine Crunchies Video

The Crunchies are done. At Radar Networks we are really honored to have our product,, nominated as a finalist for Best Technology Innovation of 2007. It was very cool to see our Twine logo up there on stage next to Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn and so many other incredible companies — especially considering we were the only company that was still in closed Beta in the awards (and yes, we are coming out of closed beta in March, so get ready!).

Meanwhile, one of things that made the Crunchies fun was that every company was asked to submit a video. Not all companies did, and not all of them were that creative. Some however were really funny, including ours. Here is a link to the "director’s cut" of the Twine Crunchies video for 2007. Enjoy!!!

ps. For those who don’t live in the USA… CoolWhip is a synthetic dessert topping we have here in the States. Imagine whipped cream, made out of some kind of industrial byproduct. It actually tastes pretty good, whatever it is. And it has almost no calories — possibly because there is nothing in that is actually digestible by humans. It’s really a wonderful technological innovation. Thus our choice.

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3 Responses to Fun With CoolWhip: The Twine Crunchies Video

  1. pmizota says:

    Very funny. Good job, guys!

  2. den says:

    even though i havnt got my invite yet, i still voted for twine. i have no doubt that you will win it next year. ps the video was hilarious

  3. Yihong Ding says:

    It’s fun. However, it is a little pity Twine didn’t win. But as you said, for a closed beta you have done the best. Look forward to the release at March.