What a Week!

What a week it has been for Radar Networks. We have worked so hard these last few days to get ready to unveil Twine, and it has been a real thrill to show our work and get such positive feedback and support from the industry, bloggers, the media and potential users.

We really didn’t expect so much excitement and interest. In fact we’ve been totally overwhelmed by the response as thousands upon thousands of people have contacted us in the last 24 hours asking to join our beta, telling us how they would use Twine for their personal information management, their collaboration, their organizations, and their communities. Clearly there is such a strong and growing need out there for the kind of Knowledge Networking capabilities that Twine provides, and it’s been great to hear the stories and make new connections with so many people who want our product. We love hearing about your interest in Twine, what you would use it for, what you want it to do, and why you need it! Keep those stories coming. We read them all and we really listen to them.

Today, in unveiling Twine, over five years of R&D, and contributions from dozens of core contributors, a dedicated group of founders and investors, and hundreds of supporters, advisors, friends and family, all came to fruition. As a company, and a team, we achieved an important milestone and we should all take some time to really appreciate what we have accomplished so far. Twine is a truly ambitious and pardigm-shifting product, that is not only technically profound but visually stunning — There has been so much love and attention to detail in this product.

In the last 6 months, Twine has really matured into a product, a product that solves real and growing needs (for a detailed use-case see this post). And just as our product has matured, so has our organization: As we doubled in size, our corporate culture has become tremendously more interesting, innovative and fun. I could go on and on about the cool things we do as a company and the interesting people who work here. But it’s the passion, dedication and talent of this team that is most inspiring. We are creating a team and a culture that truly has the potential to become a great Silicon Valley company: The kind of company that I’ve always wanted to build.

Although we launched today, this is really just the beginning of the real adventure. There is still much for us to build, learn about, and improve before Twine will really accomplish all the goals we have set out  for it. We have a five-year roadmap. We know this is a marathon, not a sprint and that "slow and steady wins the race." As an organization we also have much learning and growing to do. But this really doesn’t feel like work — it feels like fun — because we all love this product and this company. We all wake up every day totally psyched to work on this.

It’s been an intense, challenging, and rewarding week. Everyone on my team has impressed me and really been at the top of their game. Very few of us got any real sleep, and most of us went far beyond the call of duty. But we did it, and we did it well. As a company we have never cut corners, and we have always preferred to do things the right way, even if the right way is the hard way. But that pays off in the end. That is how great products are built. I really want to thank my co-founders, my team, my investors, advisors, friends, and family, for all their dedication and support.

Today, we showed our smiling new baby to the world, and the world smiled back.

And tonight , we partied!!!

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5 Responses to What a Week!

  1. Warren Yoder says:

    Congratulations. Love the name “Twine.” It stands out from the rest of the startups as something organic, simple, useful, dependable – the opposite of the average slick technosexual Web 2.0 name. Hope you also start a trend in web nomenclature. Now pull some strings and get me a beta Twine. (Please.)

  2. Yihong Ding says:

    Congratulation! I have read many discussions about Twine during this past weekend. Twine is really an exciting product. I have registered and hopefully to get an account once you open it to the test.
    In addition, I have posted my first impression about Twine after reading so many posts. Although I am hesitate whether this Twine beta is a Web-3.0 product, Twine is certainly one of the greatest Web-2.0 product till now. I am planning to write more about Twine once I get the chance to test it myself. Moreover, I am looking for your opinions about Twine since you are the founder and CEO.
    My post is at:
    Best wishes to Twine and Radar Networks!
    — Yihong

  3. Alan says:

    Huge congrats Nova, I am but one who has followed the process from early on and I am thrilled that you have given birth to your baby. Best wishes and let the maturation process begin! Alan

  4. Maribeth says:

    Congratulations, Nova! to you and the folks at Radar as well. I’m looking forward to roping a few friends into playing with Twine…(bet you guys have had a few fun punfests over there).

  5. Congratulations Nova! I’m looking forward to all the new faces as well as what comes next!