What's cooking on GRDDL?

Peter Royal got me interested in GRDDL recently. It looks like something we may want to use here at Radar Networks for scraping data from the Web and turning it into RDF triples. After doing a little digging around lately, I’m wondering if there is a list of sites that support GRDDL yet? Or any apps that use GRDDL yet?

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2 Responses to What's cooking on GRDDL?

  1. Tom Morris says:

    I’ve put together a tiny example in the NSFW Profile and am actively using it on my blog. It’s little problem solving instances like this, built up over time, that will be a great use case for GRDDL, I think.

  2. Danny Ayers says:

    Ok, the specs (here’s a backgrounder I did, with links) and tool implementations, (e.g. Jena GRDDL Reader for Java) are already mature enough to use. So now it’s over to sites/apps that use it.
    In principle, any microformats-enhance d HTML could be readable with a GRDDL tool, but few sites bother using HTML’s profile attribute, which is a shame because the publishers aren’t making their data unambiguous. Also GRDDL expects valid XML source data, and not all microformatted docs are XHTML. But these issues can be worked around, with the help of things like HTML Tidy or Tag Soup.
    But GRDDL isn’t just for HTML. It can also be used with potentially any XML, and if the maintainers of the XML format’s namespace document are willing to make minor additions, every document using that format can overnight become parsable as RDF without any effort on the part of individual document creators.
    The GRDDL Working Group is in the process of compiling a library of standard transformations.