A Man in the Wrong Profession

Today I was parked in a gas station, in downtown San Francisco, filling my tank with gas when this gem occurred.

A San Francisco taxi pulls up, with 3 passengers inside.

The taxi driver gets out, and comes up to me. In a hushed tone so his passengers don’t hear, he asks me for directions to the Golden Gate Bridge!

Now if there is at least one thing every taxi driver in SF ought to know, other than the where the airport is, it is where the Golden Gate Bridge is. Or at the very least — if they don’t know where it is — they should have a MAP, don’t ya think???

Needless to say I was astonished.

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One Response to A Man in the Wrong Profession

  1. ksugiyama says:

    Sound fun!
    Recently Most of Japanese Taxi has a car navigation system and few of them sometimes ask me how do I get to there.