A Scary Article Explaining Imminent Rapid Climate Change

Just read an interesting article about the coming end of the world, in which the author traces the recent history of rapid climate change, government cover ups, and secret preparations for the polar ice-cap melting which now seems pretty much inevitable. Fascinating read. I think it’s definitely time to go watch Waterworld again (yes, it was a bad movie, but it featured a really cool trimaran!). I wouldn’t mind living on a boat actually — except for the problem of bad weather. Too bad we can’t just live off world (yet). Anyway, it is too late to prevent global inundation — at this point there is about a 30 year delay, so even if we were to change our policies (not gonna happen under present administration) it wouldn’t make a difference for about 30 years. But by then it is likely, according to the article, that every coastal city will be flooded or underwater. So, I guess on the bright side we will all have waterfront property!

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