Another Actor Running for Office?

Oy Vey. CNN just reported that Virginia Democrats are rumored to be asking Ben Affleck to run for the Senate. Note to the Virginia Democrats: Ben Affleck is an A-C-T-O-R not a politician. Am I the only one who is completely fed up with actors running for (and holding) public office? I mean what exactly are their job-qualifications anyway? Pretending to be someone they are not for a living? Memorizing scripts? Drinking, gambling and carousing? Clowning for the cameras? Hmm.. Come to think of it, maybe actors are ideally qualified to be politicians. But not good politicians.

I’m sorry but why in the world should Ben Affleck be in the Senate? What exactly does he know about being a Senator? Besides, he hooked up with Jennifer Garner — something I, and legions of other Alias fans, will never forgive him for. Is he just jealous of the Governator? Or this all just a publicity stunt for an upcoming Sequel to some horrible J-LO movie in which Senator Ben and his kid’s nanny, J-LO, team up to save the world? Come-on, people, what happened to the concept of real Leaders, you know — statesmen — people who actually have some actual understanding of Government, let alone experience?

We wonder why America is not what it used to be. Well, perhaps it’s because the government is increasingly run by showboating businessmen and Hollywood celebrities with no political experience, instead of real public servants with a lifetime of practical wisdom about how to grow and lead a nation.

I voted Democrat in the last election, but to tell you the truth, as
far as I can tell the Democratic party doesn’t have a clue what this
country, and the people, really want and this latest Affleck stunt is
proof of that. Folks, we don’t want Actors — we want Leaders. Real
leaders who have their own original ideas and can think and speak
without reading a script, and who have the guts to stand up for what is
right (no matter how much private-interest money is at stake).

I think we need a new party — not the Greens, not the Democrats,
not the Republicans. The fact is the Democrats have become completely
uninspiring and
spineless, the Republicans are becoming increasingly right-wing, and
the Greens seem to be a bit fringe for mainstream America. Frankly,
these parties all just suck in my opinion. They’re all a bunch of
extremists in one form or another and I don’t think their leaders are
representative of what the American people really need or think

It’s time for a new and untainted, centrist, and down-to-earth
party. A party that speaks the truth, faces the facts, and does what is
necessary to navigate the long-term complexity of our modern world,
instead of pandering to lobbyists and giant corporations for short-term
gain and good opinion poll numbers. Instead of leaders who either try
to please everyone all the time or who are mainly concerned with
themselves and their cronies, we need leaders who skip the long
vacations and dinners and golf outings, to roll up their sleeves
solving problems. We need leaders who have the courage and conviction
to do what’s right, or what’s necessary, for the majority of the people
in this country (rather than a select minority that happens to be in
power at a given time) — even if it’s sometimes unpopular or means
they might not get re-elected.

This new party I have in mind would be realistic instead of idealistic.
So how about calling it the Real Party? Isn’t it time for something
Real? Aren’t we all just tired of all these fakes pretending to care,
pretending to lead, pretending to know what they are talking about?
It’s time for Real leaders.

In the next election (if we even have one), I want to vote Real.
Just give me a qualified Real candidate to vote for. No actors need

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