Can You Spot the 3 Differences?

Someone sent this to me. It’s disturbing but also hilariously funny in a stupid sort of way. I never saw anything like this on the Web so I’m posting it. I have to admit I fell for it and have been laughing about my reaction for several hours!

(WARNING: You are either going to think this is very funny or you are going to hate it and be really angry. Also, if you have a heart condition or are very sensitive, or you are enjoying a very relaxed moment, do not follow the link below. This is definitely not for everyone — it is only for those with a rather twisted sense of humor. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!)

OK, ready? Look very closely at these two photos. Can you spot the 3 differences between them??? It’s hard — but just keep looking very closely and you’ll find them….

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12 Responses to Can You Spot the 3 Differences?

  1. Paul says:

    Dude, that’s just friggin evil. Here I am
    half-asleep, just getting ready for bed,
    relaxing at my computer with the lights out, wife in bed, all very quite in the house,
    chilling out, peaceful as a lamp, hypnotically
    looking at thes two photos.

  2. Nova Spivack says:

    I know!!!!! I thought so too!

  3. P'd Off says:

    Grow up.

  4. Nova Spivack says:

    Aw come on, admit it, you fell for it just like I did. I nearly jumped out of my chair! And yes it’s kind of horrible in a way, but also clever and funny.

  5. I totally fell for it too. My cats weren’t too happy either.

  6. P'd Off says:

    Thank you for expanding your introduction. That only makes a little bit better. I stand by my first comment.

  7. Nova Spivack says:

    A sense of humor is a terrible thing to waste.

  8. Sofie says:

    It’s fun.
    I received it earlier by email and actually.. I start to know these kind of things. I get them all the time from friends. Sweet friends huh 😛

  9. I even jumped the second time around after I WAS expecting it!

  10. Boaz says:

    My heart just stopped, and think I might have just thrown up a little….but then I laughed out loud. Only those of use who have sick and twisted voyeuristic tendencies would find that funny.

  11. laura and kate says:

    omg i thought it was a crack up
    me and my friends could not stop
    laughing it was a crack up

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