Check out this Music!

Hey everyone, check out this music:

These are the first public recordings by my brother, Marin, a soon-to-be-famous jazz prodigy.

Not only is Marin writing great new tunes with a distinctive style, but he also plays every instrument on the recordings. As you will hear on the recording above, that is an impressive feat in itself.

The music is a new fusion of jazz, reggae, folk, groove and funk. In particular you’ve gotta hear the first cut "Bohemian Extraordinaire" about his experiences as a street musican in Paris. Make sure you listen to the whole track — there’s a great solo.

The other 2 cuts are great too. Enjoy!

This is just the beginning of a work in progress. He’ll be adding more over time.

I’m hoping to help him get signed so if you know anyone who should hear this, please let us know — and pass these tunes on to your friends who dig this style of music.

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