Do You Want to See What REAL Tai Chi Looks Like?

You probably think that Tai Chi is a slow, gentle form of exercise for old people and new agers. But in fact, what most people have seen is extremely watered down and whimpy. The real Tai Chi is a fast, deadly, forceful martial art. But almost nobody teaches it that way in the West.

However, my brother, Marin Spivack, does. He speaks fluent Chinese and went to China to seek out and study with some of the greatest living teachers, for many years. Now he’s one of the few people teaching the real deal in the USA (in the Boston area). Check out these videos of him showing the form and then toppling various people who outweigh him. They’re beautiful and impressive.

This first video is really cool — make sure to watch all the way through. Towards the end he starts doing some of the more intense fighting moves, which you’ve probably never seen before.

Next, here’s a video of Marin demonstrating grappling techniques with a guy who is not only much taller but probably 3 times his weight and strength:

The next two clips show some various fighting techniques…

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3 Responses to Do You Want to See What REAL Tai Chi Looks Like?

  1. Zeb Hodge says:

    Wow. That is really fascinating. It’s absolutely mind boggling actually. Your family has an excellent penchant for doing amazing things, Nova.

  2. peter lin says:

    Not bad. Those interested in Thai Chi or Taiji there are some good movies that show the true grace and power. Jet Li and Wu Jing use Taiji in some movies, which show the grace and power. Taiji is also related to Bagua or 8 trigram palm.

  3. Donghui Wen says:

    Hmm, Nice Chen style taichi!
    I learned the same style taichi more than 10 years ago and I got the same feeling that this is the way taichi should be since taichi was invented to a be a more powerful martial art.
    But when I am getting older and learn more and more about taichi (including the sun style and wudang style). I changed my opion again : taichi should be practiced as slow as possible for beginners if they really want to understand the true meanning of taichi. Lots of people, especially young people like to play chen style because of its powerful forms, but a true master always ask you to play slow.
    Btw, Nova, I really like to read your blog, not just learning from how you view web2.0, but also taichi 🙂 , thanks!