Help Me Think of the Rules for a GoMeme Competition

I am willing to offer a $500 prize to the Webmaster, other than myself, who spreads the new GoMeme most successfully, by midnight Pacific Standard Time, September 1, 2004. But first, I need your help to define the rules for this contest, and a method for juding the competitors. We need to design a contest that can be measured objectively using existing tools, like Google or Daypop, and that can’t easily be cheated on. Also, I would suggest a few stipulations: (1) Qualifying contestants’ Gomemes must not alter the content of the Gomeme (other than by providing the correct answers to their questions and their entry in the Path List) — but NOTE they *could* spread their Gomeme indirectly, for example via a link back to their blog from something else that spreads virally, like a joke, a music track, a cool image, a story, etc. (2) Qualifying contestants must not engage in email spam, comment spam or any other form of spam — if we get any verifiable evidence of such misbehavior about a contestant, we will disqualify them from the competition.

Can anyone think of anything else I forgot? If we can design a good contest, I’ll put up the prize money. Meanwhile, if you think you might want to compete, get started building your new Gomeme network now. Hopefully we will have a contest rules definition in a matter of days at the most. Please add your suggestions as comments.

Also, if you would like to put up some additional prize money as a co-sponsor of the contest, let me know (and yes, even if you are a commercial entity, we’ll consider accepting your sponsorship money for the contest and could even give you contest sponsorship branding on a contest page. But we won’t put your brand on the GoMeme so don’t even ask. The Gomeme is not an ad.)

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