Help Twine Win a Crunchies Award — Cast your Vote!

The Crunchies awards are coming and I hope you will cast your vote for!

There are several categories where Twine qualifies and I hope you will vote for Twine.

You can cast your votes here:


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One Response to Help Twine Win a Crunchies Award — Cast your Vote!

  1. No surprise that you got my vote!! 😉
    For those reading this blog but not part of the Twine private beta, beg Nova to let you in. You’ll love it, help make Twine even better.
    Frankly, right now I consider Powerset the hottest Valley start-up, with Twine a close second. But I’d like to see their respective positions change … and I’m doing what I can to help. Frankly, from what I’ve seen, Twine has more potential (broader apps), less to fear (a little company in Mountain View).
    BTW, I’m in both Twine’s private beta and the Powerlabs public beta. (Nova knows this, but other readers may not.)