Looking for Numbers to Chart the Growth of RSS…

I am looking for stats to support the hypothesis that RSS is “going to be huge” – do you know of any good sources, good numbers, etc?

How many RSS feeds and users are there today? What is the growth? Syndic8.com’s stats are ok, but that’s just one site log.

Can we project the growth of RSS for the next several years?

I estimate that in a few years a significant percentage of weblogs, homepages, medium/large corporate sites, major content providers and online publications will knowingly or unknowingly be creating and consuming up to several RSS feeds. That would indicate a realistic possibility for 100 million – 300 million feeds in 5 years.

So the question is, for those of us who have an interest in seeing this actually happen — how can we make a case that RSS is going to be “huge” that is supported by good hard facts? We need numbers — we need to chart the growth of the Metaweb, starting with RSS, so people on the “outside” can see the trend.

If anyone has great sources for stats on the growth of RSS, please comment on this posting and let me know. Also if anyone has great stories or sources of cases for the use of RSS in business — anecdotes that prove that RSS is growing — let me know.

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2 Responses to Looking for Numbers to Chart the Growth of RSS…

  1. See Amy Gahran’s http://blog.contentious.com/
    …even if she doesn’t have numbers, she’ll be a good partner in the search for them. I’m still having trouble getting my head around RSS.

  2. Thank you for the interesting article, I am interested in RSS and I would like to create an RSS feed from my website http://www.onetruelove.net for the clients to subscribe to.
    Can anyone point me to information on how exactly to implement this? I an’t seem to find any “step by step” instructions anywhere.