Mobile Phones Shown to Impact Male Fertility

A recent study indicates that radiation from cell phones harms sperm cells, and further that males who carry cellphones near their groin region may have up to a 30% reduction in fertility. I have long suspected that there are dangers from carrying cell phones in pockets or on belt clips — after all these things are microwave transmitters — it’s insane to put them right next to the family jewels! Instead, someone should invent a cell phone that can be worn on the wrist or ankle, as far as possible from any vital organs. Using either Bluetooth, body-conduction, or even a wire, it could then communicate with an earbud and microphone. As I have said before, the mobile phone revolution is one of the largest uncontrolled biological experiments on the human population ever performed. We have no idea what the long-term effects of daily point-blank exposure of vital organs and DNA to microwaves will have on our own bodies, let alone future generations. In any case, until they make Faraday cage underwear, I’ll be keeping my cell phone out of my pants!

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