N. Korea Suddenly Conducts First Open-Air Nuke Test?

On Thursday a mushroom cloud of approx. 2.5 miles in diameter was detected in a remote region of North Korea, near the border of China. This corresponds to the expected diameter of a 10 kiloton bomb. Strangely, the US media has not reported this event widely. It has been reported that the US intelligence community is still trying to figure out whether or not the blast was nuclear. I find that doubtful as we have satellites that can easily detect the signature of a nuclear blast anywhere in the world. If North Korea has the Bomb, we are in big trouble.

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3 Responses to N. Korea Suddenly Conducts First Open-Air Nuke Test?

  1. Well for a while now North Korea has been claiming 5-6 bombs, a recent news article had the South Korean’s claiming that North Korea “only” has enough materials for 2-3 bombs:
    Also see this for the explanation of the blast (claims it was a “demolition of a mountain for a hydroelectric project”:
    And for scarier news see this article from 2003:
    http://www.globalsecurity.org/org/news/2003/031110-dprk-nukes01.htm (“North Korean validates Its A-bomb design”)
    and there are many other additional stories, though mostly one-offs in International publications, about the “test” (which was/is claimed to be part of a dam project).

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