NetPolitik Explains What I'm Doing

Aha, now I understand it! Nick, from Netpolitik has posted an insightful analysis of the dynamics that make the GoMeme experiment work. Nick calls our species of meme a “Bloggie Meme.” That’s pretty cute. I thought of some names too, by combining blog + meme — such as a “Bleme” or “BlogMe” or “BlogMeme” — or how about a “BloMe” (ha ha). OK, but seriously, I think we should call this a “GoMeme” (pronounced go-meem) because it’s a meme that is designed to go — and also because that’s what we’ve been calling this idea for several years (yes, in fact, some friends, including Kris Thorisson, and I, dreamed this up several years ago and are only now trying it out — now that blogs are widespread its “time has come.”).

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One Response to NetPolitik Explains What I'm Doing

  1. Nick says:

    Go-Meme is perfect. It has an active voice, instead of the passive, adverbish, and weak sound of “bloggie”.