New Book by Kathleen Spivack (My Mother)

My mother, Kathleen Spivack, a Pulitzer Prize nominee, recently published her sixth book! My mother taught me how to write. She’s a brilliant writer and poet who teaches widely in the USA and Europe. Congratulations, mom, on a terrific new book of poems! 

the Boston Globe:


project reunites old friends and pillars of the poetry community


CAMBRIDGE – Kathleen Spivack, a Fulbright professor in Paris, Pulitzer nominee,
author and international writing coach, Ifeanyi Menkiti, owner of the Grolier
Poetry Book Shop, the oldest continuous bookshop devoted solely to poetry in
the country and Karyl Klopp, an illustrator and designer who founded the poetry
publisher Pomegranate Press, are longtime friends whose deep roots in the
poetry tradition of Boston date back to the late 60s when they hand- printed
the work of poets like Archibald MacLeish in the basement of Lamont Library at
Harvard. Their latest collaboration is Kathleen Spivack’s newest collection of
poetry Moments of Past Happiness edited by Menkiti, designed by Klopp,
published by Earthwinds Editions Press .


Spivack, a friend and student of Robert Lowell who has written about workshop
members Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, has been hailed by Stanley Kunitz as a
poet whose own work is “rich in feeling and texture, compassionately aware and
vividly articulated.”  This newest collection is Spivack’s sixth book and
a return to the small independent press poetry tradition of Eliot and Pound.
“I’m thrilled to be working with old friends on this new project that takes us
all back to our poetry roots,” says Spivack. “We’ve had our share of hard
times. But somehow, throughout the decades, we’ve believed in our work as well
as that of other artists and managed to keep on creating.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to your mother!
    I’m curious: You ever do poetry, Nova?