New Study Shows Measurable Effects from Homeopathy

Interesting new research has found a measurable effect from homeopathic medicines on inflammation. The research has been published in a respected peer-reviewed medical journal. The authors admit they cannot explain the cause of this effect, and they are hoping others will join them in trying to figure it out. The basic issue is that homeopathic solutions contain such extremely dilute quantities of the “active ingredients” that there is almost no probability that enough molecules remain after dilution to have any effect at all. But for some reason, these extremely dilute solutions, which are for all intents and purposes just water or just sugar, have demonstrable medical effects that in some cases outperform that of a placebo. One hypothesis is that somehow water molecules are able to retain a “molecular memory” — perhaps in a quantum field — of other substances that they come into contact with, essentially enabling the “active ingredient” to “program” the water molecules with its “molecular imprint.” But who knows!!! It’s interesting though. I really enjoy these exotic unexplained frontiers. Magic is the future of science waiting to be understood.

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