Nice Visualization of Results of Meme Spread Experiment

Philipp Lensen has made a cool visualization of the Meme spread results data-set. Check it out! It only shows a visualization of a limited subset of the sites that participated. Very nice Philipp. So can we visualize the full set of results?

Also in other news, Google has started indexing the results. Currently there are 733 results when searching for sites with original, super-long GUID. There are 867 results when searching for the unique string “To add your blog to this experiment, copy this entire posting to your blog, and fill out the info below, substituting your own information in your posting, where appropriate” which was in the instructions — this number should include sites that did not put the whole GUID in. Technorati, which seems to be working better today, finds 58 sites with the long GUID, and none for the instructions text above. So I guess Google wins so far. But I am glad that Technorati is starting to get their bugs fixed! I noticed that blog stats are starting to be updated again.

I also got an interesting link to another Meme visualization, which although having nothing to do with our experiment as far as I can tell, is a nice concept. It takes forever to build out the full visualization and the tree appears to be almost white on my white background making it hard to see, but still worth a look — Meme Tree

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One Response to Nice Visualization of Results of Meme Spread Experiment

  1. David Sifry says:

    This is a great experiment, and thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into any potential bugs that you’ve unvocered, because of couse, we’re working our butts off to have the most comprehensive, speedy, and reliable service in the world.
    Thanks for noticing the recent bug fixes as well. We’re going at 110% to get everything totally fixed.