No More Comments Until Comment Spam Ends

I’ve finally given in to the comment-spammers. I’ve had to turn off comments on this weblog until Six Apart, the company that hosts this Weblog, does something to prevent un-authenticated commenters, or to enable me to moderate comments before they appear. And it turns out they are working on just that. So hopefully soon there will be a solution. In the meantime, if you want to comment, please send me an email and I’ll post it to the site.


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2 Responses to No More Comments Until Comment Spam Ends

  1. Or suggest that people use Trackback

    People can still use trackback to comment. You can use Kalsey’s Simpletracks if your app doesn’t support TrackBack directly.

  2. teknos says:

    Comments / Spam

    Minding the Planet: No More Comments Until Comment Spam Ends In referral to my post about comments, as well as Nova’s. I am still uncertain as to why spam exists at all. Is it actually an effective marketing tool? Are