Oops Paul Did it Again! Harpers.org Goes Semantic

Check out what our advisor, Paul Ford has done for Harper’s Magazine — Paul has gone and built them a brand spankin new Semantic Website! That’s the second major Semantic Website that Paul has now built, making him the leading developer of Semantic Websites in the world today. Go Paul!!! Oh and by the way, in the near future if you look at the backend of that site you might just find a cool opensource Triplestore for storing and retrieving RDF triples efficiently, developed here at Radar Networks. This is proof that the Semantic Web is happening, despite what naysayers like Clay think. You see, as I’ve said before, the Semantic Web is not really about solving logical syllogisms, its about enabling everyone to benefit from better metadata. That’s already happening now with the advent of Weblogs and RSS — but that’s just the beginning. Paul Ford’s paradigm-shifting Web projects are demonstrating the way to apply the Semantic Web in practice, for practical, real-world sites that benefit end-users today.

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