Reverse Anthropology: Native Tribe Visits UK to Study Brits

Check out this fascinating article about a new show on the BBC:

ne bright morning in St James’s Park and a stream of tourists
approaches Buckingham Palace, where trumpets will shortly herald the
Changing of the Guard. In the middle of the crowd walk five very short,
very odd-looking men. They carry camcorders, gesticulate wildly, and
talk in a language no one can understand. In the heart of
picture-postcard London, this bizarre group stands out like a sore

  Further investigation reveals that a film crew is tracking the party, at a
  discreet distance. Something is going on. In fact, the cameras are bearing
  witness to a historic event: the odd-looking group, whose skin is dark and
  whose smiles are wide, and who all measure around five feet tall, are on the
  verge of completing an extraordinary social experiment.

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