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Hey everybody, if you ever come across anything really interesting, trend-worthy, or just plain cool — please email me a link at nova “at” lucidventures “dot” com (I have to write it that way to hide from spammers, but you get the idea). Note that my spam filter will ask you to authenticate yourself before I get the message. Please do that or I may not get to it.

If you want to submit something please:
– Put “Minding the Planet Submission” in the subject line of your message
– Include your full name, email address and blog or other URL
– Add some comments if you like
– Tell me who you are, where you are from, what you do, if you want to

The audience of my blog is an increasingly large and growing worldwide network of smart, curious, influential, innovators and leaders, and I’m sure everyone (including myself) would be interesting in what the rest of this group is looking at or working on right now.

I am also open to article/editorial content submissions from readers! If they are good.

Feel free to send things in — a few notes about my “editorial policy” — I prefer not to get too involved in taking sides in political or religious debates (unless it’s just humor), I would hope to not be (too) offensive to any particular group; the focus of Minding the Planet is on paradigm-shifting ideas, memes, trends, companies, products and technologies that are helping to evolve “The Global Mind” and/or may significantly impact society and culture. But I will also post really cool things that are off topic, if I like them and think the audience of Minding the Planet would be interested.

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One Response to Submit Cool Stuff for me to Post here on "Minding the Planet"…

  1. Ricky says:

    I am interested in grid computing
    and p2p MMOG. Hope you post interseting discussion about them. I have heard
    they are the next big things.