The Lost Room — Great Fun

Ok I lied, one more post before I dissappear for a little while. I’ve been watching The Lost Room mini-series on the Sci-Fi Channel and highly recommend it. It’s probably the best new premise for a reality-bender since the original Matrix — and a totally great new twist on a treasure hunt. It would be perfect for a game too. It looks like they are going to turn it into a series too. If you’re into this genre definitely catch the re-runs of the series on Friday (or TIVO it!).

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One Response to The Lost Room — Great Fun

  1. Dave says:

    I love the series too, and was very disappointed by the ending. The only redeeming factor would be if it was used to start a regular series.
    Okay, my theory: Look at the time period of the room. Early space-age, just post-Manattan project age, out in the New Mexico desert. It really sets the stage for some kind of secret government experiment gone wrong. I’m thinking of an experiment meant to develop a “StarGate” type gateway by warping space-time. They use something akin to a particle accelerator to create a singularity, which they have no way to control so it creates a “fistula” in space-time at that moment. Maybe the lab was underground…right under an inconspicuous motel. Could be lots of secrets and answers locked under the ground.
    My theory on the objects is that the time-space fistula won’t close until all the objects are returned to the room. I’m guessing the occupant would have fled the room when “the event” happened, locking the room in a state where it couldn’t recover. Over time people pillaged the room, so the room has never been restored.
    My theory on the occupant is that he’s connected to, or aware of, the experiment in some way. Would like to have seen an stronger demonstration of how he controls and senses the objects.