The Next Mozart?

This just in: Read this article about an amazing child prodigy who may be one of the greatest musical geniuses in 200 years. Not only can he compose like a master, but he can compose multiple pieces of music at once! How does he do it? It’s a bit spooky — maybe he’s the reincarnation of Mozart? Or maybe his brain is just different in a special way?

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4 Responses to The Next Mozart?

  1. John Maxwell Hobbs says:

    Okay – – – but is his work any good? Even the article doesn’t address that.

  2. Nova says:

    Good question!

  3. Duncan says:

    I tried to find his work and I couldnt get any of it online…

  4. I’m leery of the “Mozart” comparisions – there seems to be a tendency to try to say this or that is just like this other… somewhat related to the whole “if you liked that, you love this” form of advertising as seen, well, everywhere these days.
    Comparing a composer to Mozart is a bit like comparing a fantasy author to Tolkien – check a bookstore, and see how many first novels you can find that are “just like Tolkien” because they are trilogies with a mixed race cast of characters, lacking all elements of Tolkien’s actual genius.
    That said, I’m intrigued by this kid, and would really like to hear some of his works. Apparently one of the members of a LiveJournal community I participate in is a student at Julliard and knows him:
    Be interesting to see if that turns up more information, especially regarding the availability of his works.