This Guy is Funny

Thanks to a recommendation from my folks, I just watched the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Have you ever seen him? He’s a Scottish comedian with his own US talk show and his monologues are awesome. He changes personalities on a dime, his jokes are edgy, intellectual, and trippy all at once. It’s amazing to watch. He reduces his guests to quivering heaps of stunned laughter. If you haven’t seen Craig in action, don’t miss it! I’m going to TIVO this from now on. Here are some suggested clips from his site. Here are some examples of his stuff on YouTube.

Note: After watching a lot more Craig Ferguson, I have one criticism: He recycles his jokes! He often tells the same jokes and repeats the same gags. This is actually annoying. I guess it makes sense economically — he doesn’t have to come up with as much new material, but I find it awkward. His jokes are still very funny and good — but not as funny or good the second, third and fourth time. Craig, if you are listening, pay your joke-writers to work a full week!!!

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