What is this thing???

What is this?

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7 Responses to What is this thing???

  1. Simon Cox says:

    “Luke – the enemy is upon us!”
    It must be headed toward the worlds biggest tin can…
    I like the way they have spread thousand of tons of sand over the road to move this beast! I assume that it could quite happily cross the road by itself…

  2. Eric Rice says:

    I’ll take two, please

    I don’t know what it is either, but I want one, maybe two. “Hello there! I’m merging! Kthxbye.


    Trancendenepoch says:

    Yeah, it’s a strip-mining machine. Pretty cool. Discover covered theses on a big machines show once. Friggin’ awesome.

  3. vandamonium says:

    One big rock cuttin’ machine.

  4. mike says:

    no way – looks like the ultimate off-road toy…

    i wonder if brandon fuller would let his daughter drive this 😉

  5. Nova says:

    Well I originally thought it was a a giant pizza-cutter……