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WiTricity Coming Soon

Another interesting article on the move towards wireless power, or what some are calling "WiTricity." I’ve written about this previously. The team at MIT is making some good headway. Check out the article for a diagram of how their wireless power beaming system works.… Read More “WiTricity Coming Soon”

New Wireless Power Technology — No More Wires!

A group of physicists at MIT have come up with a new model for beaming wireless power to mobile devices, such as computers or cell phones. It promises to do for power, what wireless ethernet hubs do for network connectivity.… Read More “New Wireless Power Technology — No More Wires!”

Russia's Best Kept Secret

Here is a fantastic article on the futuristic physics of Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev, the Tesla of Russia. Kozyrev’s theories are only now beginning to be understood. He made fundamental proposals related to zero-point energy (the energy of the quantum vacuum) as well as gravity and “anti-gravity” propulsion, as well as hidden reasons for various similarities in nature.… Read More “Russia's Best Kept Secret”

Microsoft Patents using Human Body to Transmit Power and Data

Check out Microsoft’s new patent for transmitting power and data through the human body. Good idea.