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Inside secret project ‘backing up Earth’ in case of WW3 with Bond-style Alpine vault holding ALL human knowledge — The Sun

Milestone moon lander mission targets an otherworldly frontier for DNA data storage — Geekwire

SpaceIL’s Crashed Spacecraft Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon — WIRED

What’s Your Moonshot? One Man’s Quest for a Billion Year Archive Stored in the Solar System — Newsweek

Voices In AI: A Conversation with Nova Spivack — GigaOm

This Company Wants to Put a Record of Human Civilization on the Moon — Observer

The Arch Mission Foundation and Astrobotic Plan to Send a Microfiche Library to the Moon — TechCrunch

This Nonprofit Plans to Send Millions of Wikipedia Pages to the Moon — Printed on Tiny Metal Sheets — The Verge

Inside the Plan to Print All of Wikipedia and Send It to the Moon — Motherboard / Vice

Putting Civilization in a Box for Space Means Choosing Our Legacy —

The Special Data Device that Spacex’s Falcon Heavy Sent to Orbit is Just the Start — TechCrunch

Forget the Tesla, Elon Musk Just Launched The First Books in Space in an Ever-Lasting Space Library — Mashable

The mysterious storage device Elon Musk shot into space — The Daily Dot

The Most Interesting Thing Shot into Space This Week Wasn’t a Tesla — Live Science

SpaceX Hid a Second, Secret Payload Aboard Falcon Heavy, And It Sounds Amazing — Science Alert

Elon Musk Sent This Classic Sci-Fi Novel Into Space on the Falcon Heavy — Fortune

The Falcon Heavy test flight included a copy of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Novels — The Verge

‘A Car in Deep Space’: Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster Leaves Earth With ‘Easter Eggs’ —

Blade Runner: What Future Tech Did the Sci-Fi Classic Get Right — and Wrong? — TheStreet

Our Bots, Ourselves — The Atlantic

Artificial Intelligence Looms Larger in the Corporate World — Wall Street Journal

Price of Artificial Intelligence May Be Set for Big Decline — Wall Street Journal

Bottlenose Founder Wants to Automate the Work of Data Scientists — Wall Street Journal

Bottlenose Aims to Automate Data Science Tasks — Computerworld

Bottlenose’s Nerve Center aims to automate business intelligence with AI — SiliconAngle

Bottlenose Releases Nerve Center 3.0 to Bring AI to BI — PRWeb

Building Influence in the Digital Age — Forbes

Nova Spivack Joins I-Com Data Creativity Board — I-COM

Bottlenose Releases Nerve Center 2.0 — TechCrunch

List of LA Power Players in Tech — Re/Code

Can This Startup Eliminate Social Overload? — Inc Magazine

Nova Spivack’s Philosophy of the Global Brain and Future of the Web

The Daily Dot Wants to be the Web’s Hometown Newspaper  — New York Times

Nova Spivack on the Fragmentation of the Semantic Web — New Tech Post

Nova Spivack on Facebook, Google and Microsoft — Who Will Triumph? — New Tech Post

Bing, Google, And the Enigmatic T2: The Race for a Complete Semantic Search Engine — TechCrunch

Nova Spivack’s Twine is Red Hot — Fast Company

What’s Next for the Internet — CNN Money

New Search Engines Aim to Supplement Google —

The Twine that Binds – Q&A With Nova Spivack — Fast Company

An Online Organizer that Helps Connect the Dots — New York Times

A Web that Thinks Like You — BusinessWeek

The Third Wave — Entrepreneur

Web 3.0 and Beyond; The Next 20 Years of the Internet — Times Online

The New Revolutionaries — Observer UK

A Web Guided by Common Sense? — New York Times

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