Creator of Delicious Wants to Meet Your Needs With Jig

Joshua Schachter, the creator of Delicious, has launched his newest creation, Jig.

At first glance the site seems a bit like Twitter, but it has a different focus. Instead of posting about what you are doing, you post about what you need.… Read More “Creator of Delicious Wants to Meet Your Needs With Jig”

Check out the new visualization widget on my sidebar

The team at Icosystem invited me to try out their new Infomous cloud widget. You can see it on the top of the right column of this blog. It visualizes the concept graph in my blog posts. It has some cool features – click on any topic and explore the related posts.… Read More “Check out the new visualization widget on my sidebar”

The Daily Dot – Our Newest Venture Production – Launches Today!

Today I’m pleased to announce that, The Daily Dot, our newest “venture production,” has launched into public beta.

The Daily Dot is the first of its kind – it’s the Web’s newspaper — the first community newspaper about the Web.… Read More “The Daily Dot – Our Newest Venture Production – Launches Today!”

The Future of Facebook

I was interviewed in a number of video segments for a project called The Future of Facebook, part of the Open Foresight initiative by Venessa Miemis and Alvis Brigis. One of the videos was just on CNN. You can see my other segments on my Videos page.… Read More “The Future of Facebook”

The New Social Media Landscape: A Roadmap

It may look like Google+ is competing with Facebook and Twitter, but I don’t think that is what will happen in the end. I think Google+ is a very different kind of service and it’s not clear that it can or will, or should, replace these other services.… Read More “The New Social Media Landscape: A Roadmap”

[Excerpt From My TechCrunch post] Why Twitter Should Adopt a Freemium API Model Immediately

TechCrunch kindly ran my most recent article today — the full version is available here.

Here is an excerpt:

I’ve been puzzling over Twitter’s recent tactical moves around their API, Ubermedia and Tweetdeck, for a few months now, and it just doesn’t add up.… Read More “[Excerpt From My TechCrunch post] Why Twitter Should Adopt a Freemium API Model Immediately”

Bottlenose Begins to Unstealth

It’s been a busy week for the team at bottlenose one of my coolest venture productions.

Bottleno.se has developed a very powerful new personalization system that is optimized for making sense of Twitter and other real-time information streams. The product is in alpha and invite beta is planned for June.… Read More “Bottlenose Begins to Unstealth”

What the CBS Clicker Deal Means for Live Matrix

Yesterday’s acquisition by CBS of Clicker is great news for one of my ventures, Live Matrix. It shows that what Live Matrix is doing is becoming even more valuable. But that’s just the beginning of the story — Live Matrix is fundamentally different from Clicker.… Read More “What the CBS Clicker Deal Means for Live Matrix”

My Father and Me. A Memoir. For Mayer Spivack (1936 – 2011)

My father, Mayer Spivack, passed away on February 12, 2011, in the Kaplan Family House, a beautiful hospice outside of Boston. He passed away, at the young age of 74, after a difficult year and a half battle with colon cancer.… Read More “My Father and Me. A Memoir. For Mayer Spivack (1936 – 2011)”

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Los Angeles!

As of this week I am officially based in Los Angeles and I’m already loving it here.

I made the decision for many reasons. First of all my wife wanted to move back here – she lived here for 16 years (during which time she produced 11 TV movies), and she has a huge community of friends here.… Read More “Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Los Angeles!”

The Schedule of the Web: Live Matrix – Launched Tonight

Tonight I am pleased to announce that my next Big Idea has launched. It’s called Live Matrix and I invite you to come check it out.

Live Matrix is the schedule of the Web — We help you to find out “What’s When on the Web” — the hottest live online events happening on the Web: concerts, interviews, live chat sessions, game tournaments, sales, popular Webshows, tech conferences, live streaming sports coverage, and much more.… Read More “The Schedule of the Web: Live Matrix – Launched Tonight”

The New Now – How the Realtime Web is Redefining the Present

I had an interesting discussion with Om Malik recently, about the realtime Web, innovation, semantics and the Stream, and the changing nature of the present. Watch the video for the details.

Three Social Networks – A Story in Pictures (humor)

Read More “Three Social Networks – A Story in Pictures (humor)”

Web Intention Deficit Disorder

(Note: Thanks to Gigaom for posting up an excerpted version of this post. I also wanted to share the longer version below for those interested.)



The shape of Web 3.0 has finally emerged in the realization of the Stream, something I and others have written about extensively.… Read More “Web Intention Deficit Disorder”

Vote for the these SXSW Panels!

Please vote for these SXSW Panels: (voting closed August 27)

What We Really Want In Web TV

Banking on Big Brands/Celebs for the Web

Humans Versus Robots: Who Curates the Real-Time Web?

The Future of Conferences: Designing Experiences

Social Viewing for Fan Engagement at MTV

Anatomy of an Online Video Show

500 People in Your Living Room: Emerging SocialTV

Making live events pay off – online and offline

Are Attention and Intention Casualties of the Web?Read More “Vote for the these SXSW Panels!”

Time Based Pricing for Internet Content

I am not advocating charging for content online, however, it may be a necessary evil for some content providers to survive. Without subscription revenues the newspaper industry is dying. The same is true for magazine publishers. Online content providers face similar challenges – the cost of doing high-quality editorial is high and the revenues from advertising are not always enough to cover them.… Read More “Time Based Pricing for Internet Content”

Is Live Content More Valuable than On-Demand Content?

I have started blogging about a new concept that I call The Scheduled Web. The Scheduled Web is the next evolution of the Real-Time Web, in which it will become possible to actually navigate the time dimension of the Web more productively.… Read More “Is Live Content More Valuable than On-Demand Content?”

The Birth of the Scheduled Web

If 2010 was the year of the Real-Time Web, then 2011 is going to be the year that it evolves into the Scheduled Web.

The Real-Time Web happens in the now: it is spontaneous, overwhelming, and disorganized. Things just happen unpredictably and nobody really knows what to expect or what will happen when.… Read More “The Birth of the Scheduled Web”

The Digital Generation Gap

We exist in a epoch of great technological change. Within the space of just a few generations we have gone from horse drawn carriages to exploring the outer reaches of our solar system, from building with wood, stone and metals to nanoscale construction with individual atoms, and from manual printing presses and physical libraries, to desktop publishing and the World Wide Web.… Read More “The Digital Generation Gap”

Evri Ties the Knot with Twine — Twine CEO Comments and Analysis

Today I am announcing that my company, Radar Networks, and its flagship product, Twine, have been acquired by Evri. TechCrunch broke the story here.

This acquisition consolidates two leading providers of semantic discovery and search. It is also the culmination of a long and challenging venture to pioneer the adoption of the consumer Semantic Web.… Read More “Evri Ties the Knot with Twine — Twine CEO Comments and Analysis”

Singularity University — Good Progress There

Barney Pell invited me to a dinner tonight for the founders, funders, and friends of Singularity University tonight at the NASA Ames campus. I’ve been following the progress of the initiative for some time, via Peter Diamandis, who I’ve known since I attended the International Space University program in 1992.… Read More “Singularity University — Good Progress There”

The Global Brain is About to Wake Up

The emerging realtime Web is not only going to speed up the Web and our lives, it is going to bring about a kind of awakening of our collective Global Brain. It’s going to change how many things happen on online, but it’s also going to change how we see and understand what the Web is doing.… Read More “The Global Brain is About to Wake Up”

Eliminating the Need for Search – Help Engines

We are so focused on how to improve present-day search engines. But that is a kind of mental myopia. In fact, a more interesting and fruitful question is why do people search at all? What are they trying to accomplish? And is there a better way to help them accomplish that than search?… Read More “Eliminating the Need for Search – Help Engines”

Test This Out With Me — Way to Monetize Your Tweets

I’m testing out a new service that provides a way to make money via Twitter. It’s an insanely viral idea. And they seem to be implementing it tastefully. Quite impressed so far.

I’m going to test it out and see what happens.… Read More “Test This Out With Me — Way to Monetize Your Tweets”

Twine "T2" – Latest Demo Screenshots (Internal Alpha)

This is a series of screenshots that demo the latest build of the consumer experience and developer tools for Twine.com’s “T2” semantic search product. This is still in internal alpha — not released to public yet.

Read More “Twine "T2" – Latest Demo Screenshots (Internal Alpha)”

The Road to Semantic Search — The Twine.com Story

This is the story of Twine.com — our early research (with never before seen screenshots of our early semantic desktop work), and our evolution from Twine 1.0 towards Twine 2.0 (“T2”) which is focused on semantic search.

Read More “The Road to Semantic Search — The Twine.com Story”

The Evolution of the Web: Past, Present, Future

This is a talk I have given many times, on the past, present and future evolution of the Web, and particularly the Semantic Web.

Read More “The Evolution of the Web: Past, Present, Future”

The Web Wide World — The Web Spreads Into the Physical World

I have noticed an interesting and important trend of late. The Web is starting to spread outside of what we think of as “the Web” and into “the World.” This trend is exemplified by many data points. For example:

  • The Web on mobile devices like the iPhone.
Read More “The Web Wide World — The Web Spreads Into the Physical World”

A New Economic Framework for Content in Web 3.0

(FIRST DRAFT — A Work in Progress. Comments Welcome)


Print media publications of all kinds — newspapers and magazines –are dying out, as the Web and online advertising take their place. Increasing amounts of what used to be premium content (via paid wire services and databases for example) is now available for free on the Web.… Read More “A New Economic Framework for Content in Web 3.0”

Check out Factual

My friend Gil Elbaz is launching Factual today. It's a new service that aims to aggregate spreadsheet style data from around the Web to create a vast open database of facts. Interesting stuff. Check it out. Here's the TechCrunch coverage.