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The Daily Dot – Our Newest Venture Production – Launches Today!

Today I’m pleased to announce that, The Daily Dot, our newest “venture production,” has launched into public beta.

The Daily Dot is the first of its kind – it’s the Web’s newspaper — the first community newspaper about the Web.… Read More “The Daily Dot – Our Newest Venture Production – Launches Today!”

[Excerpt From My TechCrunch post] Why Twitter Should Adopt a Freemium API Model Immediately

TechCrunch kindly ran my most recent article today — the full version is available here.

Here is an excerpt:

I’ve been puzzling over Twitter’s recent tactical moves around their API, Ubermedia and Tweetdeck, for a few months now, and it just doesn’t add up.… Read More “[Excerpt From My TechCrunch post] Why Twitter Should Adopt a Freemium API Model Immediately”

Bottlenose Begins to Unstealth

It’s been a busy week for the team at bottlenose one of my coolest venture productions. has developed a very powerful new personalization system that is optimized for making sense of Twitter and other real-time information streams. The product is in alpha and invite beta is planned for June.… Read More “Bottlenose Begins to Unstealth”

My Father and Me. A Memoir. For Mayer Spivack (1936 – 2011)

My father, Mayer Spivack, passed away on February 12, 2011, in the Kaplan Family House, a beautiful hospice outside of Boston. He passed away, at the young age of 74, after a difficult year and a half battle with colon cancer.… Read More “My Father and Me. A Memoir. For Mayer Spivack (1936 – 2011)”

Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Los Angeles!

As of this week I am officially based in Los Angeles and I’m already loving it here.

I made the decision for many reasons. First of all my wife wanted to move back here – she lived here for 16 years (during which time she produced 11 TV movies), and she has a huge community of friends here.… Read More “Goodbye San Francisco, Hello Los Angeles!”

The Schedule of the Web: Live Matrix – Launched Tonight

Tonight I am pleased to announce that my next Big Idea has launched. It’s called Live Matrix and I invite you to come check it out.

Live Matrix is the schedule of the Web — We help you to find out “What’s When on the Web” — the hottest live online events happening on the Web: concerts, interviews, live chat sessions, game tournaments, sales, popular Webshows, tech conferences, live streaming sports coverage, and much more.… Read More “The Schedule of the Web: Live Matrix – Launched Tonight”

Vote for the these SXSW Panels!

Please vote for these SXSW Panels: (voting closed August 27)

What We Really Want In Web TV

Banking on Big Brands/Celebs for the Web

Humans Versus Robots: Who Curates the Real-Time Web?

The Future of Conferences: Designing Experiences

Social Viewing for Fan Engagement at MTV

Anatomy of an Online Video Show

500 People in Your Living Room: Emerging SocialTV

Making live events pay off – online and offline

Are Attention and Intention Casualties of the Web?Read More “Vote for the these SXSW Panels!”

Time Based Pricing for Internet Content

I am not advocating charging for content online, however, it may be a necessary evil for some content providers to survive. Without subscription revenues the newspaper industry is dying. The same is true for magazine publishers. Online content providers face similar challenges – the cost of doing high-quality editorial is high and the revenues from advertising are not always enough to cover them.… Read More “Time Based Pricing for Internet Content”