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“The future is my favorite pastime”


Nova Spivack is a technology futurist, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and one of the leading voices on the next-generation of search, AI, big data, and the Web. He was recently ranked in the top 20 futurists based on an analysis of social and Web influence.

He is a frequent speaker and blogger, and writes guest-articles for publications such as TechCrunchMashableGigaOM, and SiliconAngle. Nova was named to Re/Code’s List of LA Power Players in Tech in 2014.

Nova is presently CEO of Bottlenose, which uses big data mining to discover emerging trends for large brands and enterprises.

He also advises and/or invests in several startups including Klout (acquired by Lithium), The Daily Dot, Next IT, WhoKnowsLive Matrix (acquired by OVGuide), PublishThis, Sensentia. Spivack is also an advisor to several early-stage venture funds in the areas of emerging Internet technology and clean energy.

In 1994, Nova co-founded one of the first Web startups, EarthWeb, which led to a record-breaking IPO in 1998, and a second IPO of spinout, DICE.com, in 2007.

He then worked with Stanford Research International (SRI), to co-found their startup incubator, nVention, and participated in the DARPA CALO program one of the largest artificial intelligence projects in US history (which originated the technology that became Siri, which was later acquired by Apple). Following CALO, he co-founded Radar Networks, which produced Twine (Acquired by EVRI, which was then acquired by Facebook), one of the first consumer applications of the Semantic Web.

Nova has authored nearly 100 granted and pending patents in areas from search, to advertising, social media, mobile apps, the semantic web, augmented reality, interactive TV, and personalization.

Nova serves on the board of directors of Bottlenose and The Daily Dot, as well as Common Crawl Foundation, a nonprofit, 5+ billion page, free and open search index of the Web. In 2014 he was named to the the Data Creativity Awards Board at I-COM, the Global Forum for Marketing Data and Measurement.

Nova is founder and chairman of the Arch Mission Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving humanity’s most important knowledge in space.

Nova earned his BA in Philosophy from Oberlin College in 1991, with a focus on the philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence. In 1992, he attended the International Space University, a NASA-funded graduate-level professional school for the space industry. He also participated in research at the MIT Computer Science lab.

You can find Nova on Twitter at @novaspivack and via his blog, novaspivack.com.

Additional details and history related to Nova Spivack can be found on his Bio Page, and his Wikipedia page.

Fun Facts

In 1999, he flew to the edge of space with the Russian Air Force and did zero-gravity flight training with the Russian Space Agency, as one of the early pioneers of space tourism, which led to his later angel investment in Zero Gravity Corporation, which was acquired by Space Adventures.

Nova is the eldest grandson of the late management guru, Peter Drucker.

Nova speaks internationally and advises governments and corporations on product strategy and the future of the Web. He has co-authored books on Internet strategy and collective intelligence, and has authored hundreds of articles about the Web.

Nova has spent many years inventing new technologies for augmented and virtual reality, and has a large portfolio of granted and pending patents for his inventions in this area. He previously developed and sold many of his patented inventions in the areas of artificial intelligence, virtual intelligent assistants, search, interactive TV and the Semantic Web.

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, while in high-school and college, Nova worked as a software engineer and product marketer with artificial intelligence and supercomputing ventures including Xerox Kurzweil,  Thinking Machines, and Individual Inc. He also participated in summer computer science research at MIT, focused on cellular automata.

Nova has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for over 20 years and has pursued this interest extensively in monasteries, refugee camps and communities in Nepal, India, Europe and the USA. He focuses his philanthropic activities on helping to fund the preservation of Tibet’s unique wisdom culture.

While a student at Oberlin College, as well as studying philosophy of mind, artificial intelligence, and computer science, Nova did a winter term internship as a production assistant at Paramount Studios, working on Star Trek, The Next Generation.

In the mid 1990’s Nova co-authored a series of patents for early Web-TV convergence for a product called HyperTV, owned by ACTV. The patents covered simulcasting URLs and metadata on the television vertical blanking interval (VBI) in order to display relevant Web pages next to live television content on suitably instrumented TV’s and PCs. The patents were later sold to Disney.

Media & Press

Nova has been featured, cited, or has contributed guest articles in numerous media outlets such as: AdWeek, Atlantic Monthly, BusinessWeek, Business 2.0, The BBC, Bloomberg TV, CBS Evening News, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, CNBC, CNET, CNN, Der Spiegel, the Discovery Channel, Download Squad, the Economist, Entrepreneur, the Financial Times, Gartner, GigaOm, the Guardian, Guidewire, Industry Standard, Infoworld, Information Week, Interactive Age, International Herald Tribune, the L.A. Times, Mashable, the MIT Technology Review, the New Scientist, Newsweek, the New York Times, The New Yorker, NPR, the Observer UK, PC Magazine, PC World, ReadWriteWeb, Red Herring, Reuters, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, SiliconAngle, TechCrunch,  the Times Online, Venturebeat, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, WIRED and ZDNet

Nova has authored hundreds of articles and co-authored several books on Internet strategy and technology, and led the EarthWeb Press publishing imprint with Macmillan Computer Publishing.

Invited Talks

Nova has given more than 100 invited talks and keynotes, both to technical and business audiences. For videos of some of these talks please click here.

He has spoken, moderated, and served as a judge at numerous conferences and industry events, including: BlogTalk, Defrag, DEMO, DigitalNow, the Financial Times Digital Media Conference, the Future in Review, GigaOm’s Bunker sessions, the Highlands Forum, Internet World, Internet Expo, the International Semantic Web Conference, the Island Forum, the Kleiner Perkins CIO Strategy Exchange, MIT’s Emtech, NextWeb, NewTeeVee, SDForum, the Semantic Technology Conference, SIBOS, the Singularity Summit, Search Engine Strategies, Stanford/MIT’s VLAB, Supernova, SXSW, TTI Vanguard, and The Web 2.0 Summit.

Nova has also given guest lectures and keynotes for the MBA programs at Harvard University, Stanford University and Berkeley, as well as to several business schools in Europe. In addition, Nova has advised governments in the United States as well as Asia on the near-term and long-term future of the Web.

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