Selected Articles About Nova Spivack:

Price of Artificial Intelligence May Be Set for Big Decline — Wall Street Journal

Bottlenose Founder Wants to Automate the Work of Data Scientists — Wall Street Journal

Bottlenose Aims to Automate Data Science Tasks — Computerworld

Bottlenose’s Nerve Center aims to automate business intelligence with AI — SiliconAngle

Bottlenose Releases Nerve Center 3.0 to Bring AI to BI — PRWeb

Building Influence in the Digital Age — Forbes

Nova Spivack Joins I-Com Data Creativity Board — I-COM

Bottlenose Releases Nerve Center 2.0 — TechCrunch

List of LA Power Players in Tech — Re/Code

Can This Startup Eliminate Social Overload? — Inc Magazine

Nova Spivack’s Philosophy of the Global Brain and Future of the Web

The Daily Dot Wants to be the Web’s Hometown Newspaper  — New York Times

Nova Spivack on the Fragmentation of the Semantic Web — New Tech Post

Nova Spivack on Facebook, Google and Microsoft — Who Will Triumph? — New Tech Post

Bing, Google, And the Enigmatic T2: The Race for a Complete Semantic Search Engine — TechCrunch

Nova Spivack’s Twine is Red Hot — Fast Company

What’s Next for the Internet — CNN Money

New Search Engines Aim to Supplement Google —

The Twine that Binds – Q&A With Nova Spivack — Fast Company

An Online Organizer that Helps Connect the Dots — New York Times

A Web that Thinks Like You — BusinessWeek

The Third Wave — Entrepreneur

Web 3.0 and Beyond; The Next 20 Years of the Internet — Times Online

The New Revolutionaries — Observer UK

A Web Guided by Common Sense? — New York Times



Selected Articles Written by Nova Spivack:

The Problem With Stream 3.0

What I’ve Been Up To – The Venture Production Studio

How Twitter Can Save $50 Million: Forget Tweetdeck, and Go Freemium on it’s API — TechCrunch

The e-G8 Summit, Unveiled

What the CBS Clicker Deal Means for Live Matrix

My Father and Me: A Memoir

The Scheduled Web is Here

Live Matrix Beta Launch Coverage

The New Now – How the Realtime Web is Redefining the Present

Trailmeme and the Web of Intent and full version: Web Intention Deficit Disorder

The Birth of the Scheduled Web

The Digital Generation Gap

Evri Ties the Knot With Twine – CEO Comments and Analysis

A New Layer of the Brain is Evolving – The Metacortex

Will the Web Become Conscious?

The Global Brain is About to Wake Up

Eliminating the Need for Search – Help Engines

The Web Wide World — The Web Spreads into the Physical World

A New Economic Model for Content in Web 3.0

What’s After the Real-Time Web?

Search 3.0 — The Future of Search

Nowism — A New Theme for a New Era

Welcome to the Stream — The Next Phase of the Web

Can We Design Better Communities?

Metascience — The Convergence of Science and Religion

How Social Media Changes Content Distribution

Wolfram Alpha is Coming (The article that broke the story first)

Challenges Twitter Will Face

How Twitter Makes Things Faster

Why Your Brand Must Be On Twitter

Twitter Changes Everything – The World Just Got Faster (Case Study)

Fast Company Interview — “Connective Intelligence”

How to Build a Global Mind

Interest Networks are at a Tipping Point

The Future of the Desktop (ReadWriteWeb Guest Article)

Peace in the Middle East – Could Alternative Energy be the Solution?

Solving the Landmine Problem

Associative Search and the Semantic Web

Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of the Web (book chapter)

The Wikipedia, Knowledge Preservation and DNA

A Universal Classification of Intelligence

Artificial Stupidity — The Next Big Thing

Defining Web 3.0

Defining the Semantic Graph

The Semantic Web, Collective Intelligence and Hyperdata

A Call for Open Source Medicine

Breaking the Collective IQ Barrier — Making Groups Smarter

Doing for Data what HTML Did for Documents

Intelligence is in the Connections

How the WebOS Evolves (Diagram)

Web 3.0 — Related Trends

Dispelling Myths About the Semantic Web

Web 3.0 vs. Web 2.0

Minding the Planet: The Meaning and Future of the Semantic Web (Seminal Article)

Why Machines Will Never be Conscious (Long Bets)

A New Kind of Employee Benefit: Sock Options (not a typo)

The Ontology Integration Problem

A Problem with Space Travel

Location Awareness – The Next Big Thing

Harnessing the Collective Mind

Collective Intelligence 2.0

My Grandfather, Peter Drucker, Died Today (Obituary)

Towards a World Wide Database

Using DNA to Send Messages Into the Distant Future

The Spherical Desktop

A Possible Future of Physics

Simulated Universes and the Nature of Consciousness

The Threat of Contaminated Money

If the Universe is a Simulation, Then What?

Should There be a Constitutional Separation of Corporation and State?

On The Physics of Ideas

Superdistribution is the Solution to Piracy

Can Messages Be Sent Backwards in Time?

From Semantic Web to Global Mind

Data-Centric Computing

Graph Automata — Is the Universe a Social Network?

Part of the Lore — Turtles All the Way Down

It’s Time for a Virtual Species Diversity Ark

The Birth of the Metaweb

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