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New Book by Kathleen Spivack (My Mother)

My mother, Kathleen Spivack, a Pulitzer Prize nominee, recently published her sixth book! My mother taught me how to write. She’s a brilliant writer and poet who teaches widely in the USA and Europe. Congratulations, mom, on a terrific new book of poems!…

Do You Want to See What REAL Tai Chi Looks Like?

You probably think that Tai Chi is a slow, gentle form of exercise for old people and new agers. But in fact, what most people have seen is extremely watered down and whimpy. The real Tai Chi is a fast, deadly, forceful martial art.…

Some Sunscreens are Hazardous to Your Health

Just in time for the 4th of July, here is a comprehensive report on sunscreens which may be potentially unsafe to use. Yes, it turns out there are several new ingredients now being used in sunscreens which are not FDA approved and may cause unknown effects on humans.…

A Modern Day Da Vinci?

My brother pointed me to this video of some incredible kinetic sculptures by a man who appears to be a modern-day Da Vinci. Watch the video to see what I mean.…

A Village Where Aging is Sped Up

Here’s an interesting video about a village in India where men have been stricken for over a decade with a disease that causes them to age much faster. Nobody knows what is causing this. Men in their 30’s appear to be 80.…

Big Thinkers' Most Dangerous Ideas

The Edge has published mini-essays by 119 "big thinkers" on their "most dangerous ideas" — fun reading.

The history of science is replete with discoveries
that were considered socially, morally, or emotionally
dangerous in their time; the Copernican and
Darwinian revolutions are the most obvious.

Obsessed Tourist Marries Dolphin

Here’s a happy story about true love. An Israeli millionaire tourist recently married a captive dolphin in a formal wedding ceremony. There’s something fishy about this wedding though — I mean did the dolphin really love her for HER, or did he just want her for her money?…

Aspartame Even More Toxic When Mixed with Food Coloring

More news about aspartame ("Nutrasweet"), which is being found to be far more toxic than anyone imagined…  (from: this article)

Combining food additives may be harmful, say researchers

  · Aspartame and artificial colourings investigated
  · Mice nerve cells stopped growing in experiments

Felicity Lawrence, consumer affairs correspondent

  Wednesday December  21, 2005
  The Guardian

research on common food additives, including the controversial
sweetener aspartame and food colourings, suggests they may interact to
interfere with the development of the nervous system.

My Grandfather, Peter Drucker, Died Today

My grandfather, Peter F. Drucker, passed away this morning. The news has just started to get out, but already there have been many write-ups of his life and death; but the best ones so far are by Bloomberg (summarizes his life story) and Business Week.…