Vote for My Panels & Twine at SXSWi 2010

The panel picker for SXSWi went live this morning, and Twine has propsed several submissions. Browsing through the huge list of proposals (over 2200), it’s clear that the Semantic Web will be popular topic at this year’s conference.

With “Beyond Algorithms: Search and the Semantic Web,” we are planning to offer both an overview of the current state of the technology, as well as a careful look at what needs to be
addressed for semantic search to finally reach its potential.… Read More

Welcome to the Stream – Next Phase of the Web

May 8, 2009

Welcome to The Stream

The Internet began evolving many decades before the Web emerged. And while today many people think of the Internet and the Web as one and the same, in fact they are different. The Web lives on top of the Internet’s infrastructure much like software and documents live on top of an operating system on a computer.… Read More

How to Build the Global Mind

Kevin Kelly recently wrote another fascinating article about evidence of a global superorganism. It’s another useful contribution to the ongoing evolution of this meme.

I tend to agree that we are at what Kevin calls, Stage III. However, an important distinction in my own thinking is that the superorganism is not comprised just of machines, but it is also comprised of people.… Read More

Solving the Landmine and Cluster Bomb Problem

For decades the world has struggled with what to do about unexploded land mines and cluster bombs killing innocent civilians, even years after a conflict has ended. The problem is that a significant percentage (10% – 40% in the case of cluster bombs) of these weapons do not explode when they are deployed, and instead blow up later on when they are disturbed by a person or animal.… Read More IPO Update

I just heard some good news from a friend in the investment business about, a company that we acquired and helped to grow when I was running EarthWeb with my co-founers Jack and Murray Hidary. It turns out they are raising more than I thought, and at a higher valuation in their IPO.… Read More

Moving to a Web OS

John Markoff published an interesting article today in the New York Times about the shift in software and operating systems from the desktop to the Web, in which I am quoted. The article focuses on the rivalry and different styles between Microsoft and Apple’s next-generation projects that attempt to tie desktop operating systems and the Internet together more closely.… Read More