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Life in Perpetual Beta: The Film

Melissa Pierce is a filmmaker who is making a film about "Life in Perpetual Beta." It’s about how people who are adapting and reinventing themselves in the moment, and a new philosophy or approach to life. She’s interviewed a number of interesting people, and while I was in Chicago recently, she spoke with me as well.… Read More “Life in Perpetual Beta: The Film”

A Modern Day Da Vinci?

My brother pointed me to this video of some incredible kinetic sculptures by a man who appears to be a modern-day Da Vinci. Watch the video to see what I mean.

Instructional Video: How to Eat Sushi in Japan

Check out this fascinating video on the correct way to order and eat sushi in Japan. Very informative! I had no idea that all these years I had been doing it all wrong. How embarrassing!

Very Funny Instructional Video — How To Poke Pole the Monkeyfaced Eel

My cousin, Jeremy (the reincarnation of Ernest Hemmingway, I am certain), lives out by Muir Beach, San Francisco. Today he and some manly-man friends are going fishing for "monkey faced eel." YUCK. But ok, anyway, they’re the ones who have to eat the stuff.… Read More “Very Funny Instructional Video — How To Poke Pole the Monkeyfaced Eel”

Children of Men Needs to Be Seen

Go see the film Children of Men — it’s a bleak, brilliant, entirely convincing vision of the near future — and has great action too. Here’s a YouTube video that makes the case for why this film should win an award.

Go See King Kong

OK well, I tried to avoid it, but tonight I went to see the movie, King Kong. And I’m glad I did. It was, in a word, incredible. First of all it’s got the most amazing special effects I’ve ever seen (and you’ll agree, trust me).… Read More “Go See King Kong”

Just saw Serenity

I just saw Serenity. A very fun, cool, swashbuckling sci-fi adventure with great special effects. It had a lot of Star Wars moments, some Blade Runner, plust a bit of The Day After Tomorrow. I highly recommend it. A good time was had by all.… Read More “Just saw Serenity”

Spielberg Invents New Movie Technology

Steven Spielberg has applied for a patent on a new cinema technology which he claims will bring viewer right inside the movie.

  "But in the future, you will physically be inside the experience, which will surround you top, bottom, on all sides.

Read More “Spielberg Invents New Movie Technology”

An Incredible Flash Production — Must See!

I was fortunate enough to wander across this amazing online Flash presentation that reveals the hidden meaning of the film, "2001." It’s a thoroughly engaging, brilliantly produced, fascinating production — one of the best uses of Flash animation that I’ve ever seen.… Read More “An Incredible Flash Production — Must See!”

Just Saw A Great Film

Today I saw The Motorcycle Diaries. This film is perhaps one of most beautiful, vivid, and emotionally powerful works of art to ever grace the silver screen. I knew nothing about this film before today — it was a whim, at the suggestion of a very special person.… Read More “Just Saw A Great Film”

Just saw Primer

Ok, just got back from seeing Primer — a very cool new indie sci-fi flick that you probably haven’t heard about yet, but will. If you liked the film, Pi, or you like your sci-fi with a double shot of science, then you are going to LOVE Primer.… Read More “Just saw Primer”

Artificial War

Here is a book that readers who are interested in multi-agent systems will find useful. The author, Andrew Ilachinski is also a reader of this blog, by the way — it’s called “Artificial War: Multiagent-Based Simulation of Combat” and provides an examination of the thesis that what happens on a battlefield (though the arena can be much more general of course) is a self-organized emergent phenomenon that can be understood, at least in part, by examining relatively “simple” underlying rules.… Read More “Artificial War”

All About Machinima: Shooting Movies in Virtual Reality

Couldn’t sleep. Woke up at around 4 AM. Channel surfing, I end up at a show about Machinima — a new form of moviemaking. Here is what Wordspy says about Machinima. It’s really cool stuff. Basically the idea is to use game engines such as Quake etc.… Read More “All About Machinima: Shooting Movies in Virtual Reality”