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Artificial Stupidity: The Next Big Thing

There has been a lot of hype about artificial intelligence over the years. And recently it seems there has been a resurgence in interest in this topic in the media. But artificial intelligence scares me. And frankly, I don’t need it.… Read More “Artificial Stupidity: The Next Big Thing”

Fun With CoolWhip: The Twine Crunchies Video

The Crunchies are done. At Radar Networks we are really honored to have our product,, nominated as a finalist for Best Technology Innovation of 2007. It was very cool to see our Twine logo up there on stage next to Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn and so many other incredible companies — especially considering we were the only company that was still in closed Beta in the awards (and yes, we are coming out of closed beta in March, so get ready!).… Read More “Fun With CoolWhip: The Twine Crunchies Video”

The Honor of a Lifetime!

This made my day: I’ve been selected as one of the "sexiest men in IT" by a panel of judges including a tech blogger and her daughter. FINALLY someone is objectifying me!!! Usually everyone just likes the real me, the brains, the inner beauty, the person I am etc.… Read More “The Honor of a Lifetime!”

The State of our Country: Newscaster Refuses to Read Paris Hilton Story; Burns Script on Camera

This is quite an amazing video clip — a news anchorwoman on MSNBC took a heroic stand and refused, on air, to lead with more news about Paris Hilton, despite her fellow anchormen and her producers trying to force her to.… Read More “The State of our Country: Newscaster Refuses to Read Paris Hilton Story; Burns Script on Camera”

Funny Cartoon — Lisp, the Language of the Gods

Disclaimer: I used to code in Lisp and Scheme a long time back. Then I got interested in Java. But I don’t code at all anymore. I leave that to people who are much smarter than me now :^)

Anyway this cartoon is funny — and if you ever coded in Lisp or Scheme you’ll also get the inside jokes.… Read More “Funny Cartoon — Lisp, the Language of the Gods”

Instructional Video: How to Eat Sushi in Japan

Check out this fascinating video on the correct way to order and eat sushi in Japan. Very informative! I had no idea that all these years I had been doing it all wrong. How embarrassing!

Chinese Aircraft Maintenance — Shocking Photos

Ever wonder how well your jet plane is maintained? Well check out these photos of the engines of a Chinese jet that was recently grounded in Germany due to um….well… you just have to see it and read the description…

Very Funny Instructional Video — How To Poke Pole the Monkeyfaced Eel

My cousin, Jeremy (the reincarnation of Ernest Hemmingway, I am certain), lives out by Muir Beach, San Francisco. Today he and some manly-man friends are going fishing for "monkey faced eel." YUCK. But ok, anyway, they’re the ones who have to eat the stuff.… Read More “Very Funny Instructional Video — How To Poke Pole the Monkeyfaced Eel”

This Freaks Me Out… Self-Referential Formula Reproduces Itself…

Umm…… take a look at this formula’s output…..

OK. That must be some kind of a cosmic joke.

This Guy is Funny

Thanks to a recommendation from my folks, I just watched the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Have you ever seen him? He’s a Scottish comedian with his own US talk show and his monologues are awesome. He changes personalities on a dime, his jokes are edgy, intellectual, and trippy all at once.… Read More “This Guy is Funny”

British Ministry of Defense Chief Resigns; Cites Concerns About UFO's

Ok, here’s a very unusual news item:

During his time as head of the Ministry of Defence UFO project, Nick
Pope was persuaded into believing that other lifeforms may visit Earth
and, more specifically, Britain.

His concern is that "highly credible" sightings are simply dismissed.

Read More “British Ministry of Defense Chief Resigns; Cites Concerns About UFO's”

Dog Addicted to Sucking on Hallucinogenic Toads

This article — a true story — struck me as very funny: Lady is a dog who struggles with a secret addiction to sucking on  hallucinogenic toads. Other dog owners won’t let their dogs play with her anymore. Family struggles with feelings of shame, etc.… Read More “Dog Addicted to Sucking on Hallucinogenic Toads”

Hassleware — A New Strategy To Make Users Not Close Your Software

This post is not to be taken too seriously. I’m not actually advocating for the strategy outlined below. Just pointing out that it is taking place already, at least in iTunes.

One thing I’ve noticed about iTunes on Windows XP is that it is a massive resource hog — especially when starting the application, but even worse, when exiting it.… Read More “Hassleware — A New Strategy To Make Users Not Close Your Software”

A Man in the Wrong Profession

Today I was parked in a gas station, in downtown San Francisco, filling my tank with gas when this gem occurred.

A San Francisco taxi pulls up, with 3 passengers inside.

The taxi driver gets out, and comes up to me.… Read More “A Man in the Wrong Profession”

The Next Sexual Revolution?

This article is an over-the-top and somewhat gonzo review of an experimental nasal-spray that promises to revolutionize sex. It is currently in clinical trials. The very idea of nasal spray would seem to be one of the bigger turn-offs there is, but in this case they’ve found the override button.… Read More “The Next Sexual Revolution?”

Moments of Past Geekiness: Shatner Commercial for C-64

This is a nice, VERY dated commercial for the C-64 computer starring none other than William Shatner!

Help Me Destroy My Treo 650

My Treo 650 has been an endless source of frustration. It’s probably one of the most annoyingly bad devices I’ve ever owned. First of all, the form factor is such that it’s almost impossible to grab it when it rings without dropping it or flinging it across the room.… Read More “Help Me Destroy My Treo 650”

A New Kind of Employee Benefit: "Sock Options" — No that is not a typo

Well I have a peculiar and hilarious situation…

I ordered some black tube socks online from Macy’s the other day.

Unfortunately I neglected to notice that they don’t come in pairs, they come in packs of 6 pairs. Oooops. Because you see I ordered 10 of what I though were pairs.… Read More “A New Kind of Employee Benefit: "Sock Options" — No that is not a typo”

Funny Quote

I got an email from a guy named Soumya today. It had a funny qoute on the end:

Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in
the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.… Read More “Funny Quote”

Sexy Photos of Libraries?

Well if you are into libraries I guess these photos are sexy. Personally I’ve always loved libraries and used to spend hours just exploring in my college library. The Web is similarly fascinating to wander in, but there’s still something special about physical, tangible books that’s missing from the digital revolution.… Read More “Sexy Photos of Libraries?”

Study: Blackberry Addiction Similar to Drugs

Blackberry email devices can be so addictive that owners may need to be
weaned off them with treatment similar to that given to drug users,
experts warned today.

They said the palmtop gadgets, which have been nicknamed
‘crackberries’ because users quickly become hooked on them, could be
seriously damaging to mental health.… Read More “Study: Blackberry Addiction Similar to Drugs”

Fatherhood Boosts Male Brains

New research has shown that fatherhood brings about dramatic enhancements in male brains. Although the researchers don’t suggest it, this effect may be nature’s way of counteracting the dramatic decrease in male brain function that occurs in proportion to the number of times they get laid in a given week (Note: this particular malady was brought to national attention on the popular TV show Seinfeld).

All Cell Phone Calls Easily Eavesdropped … With Common Household Appliance

A major, virtually unfixable, security flaw in the design of nearly all cell phones and other mobile devices will be announced this week by researchers at the Foundation for Microwave Safety (FMS). According to sources, it turns out that due to a coincidence in engineering, ordinary household microwave ovens can actually be used to receive and eavesdrop on all cell phone calls made or received within a 1 mile radius.… Read More “All Cell Phone Calls Easily Eavesdropped … With Common Household Appliance”

Rocket Bike

This guy really likes go fast on his bicycle. So fast, he’s strapped a rocket engine to it. Dude, just get a motorcycle! Seriously, a flaming rocket angine strapped a few inches from your butt is just kind of risky, don’t ya think?

Good News!!!! Sex Before Public Speaking Calms Nerves, Researchers Discover

In an amazing scientific breakthrough, researchers have just discovered that sex before public speaking calms nerves. Phew, I’m glad they settled that burning question!

Obsessed Tourist Marries Dolphin

Here’s a happy story about true love. An Israeli millionaire tourist recently married a captive dolphin in a formal wedding ceremony. There’s something fishy about this wedding though — I mean did the dolphin really love her for HER, or did he just want her for her money?… Read More “Obsessed Tourist Marries Dolphin”

This guy is funny

Ze Frank is funny. He reminds me of Jim Carey, before he got famous. Watch these and this one and these and these. He’s also prolific. He’s going to be a presenter at Pop Tech this year. I won’t be there, but it looks like a great conference lineup. … Read More “This guy is funny”

Evil Offshore Telemarketers

Over the last few days I’ve had an interesting experience. Prior to living where I presently live there once lived a charming couple by the name of "Mr. and Mrs. Amit." That’s all I know of these people, other than the still-lingering smell of exotic spices that will forever permeate one of my kitchen cabinents.… Read More “Evil Offshore Telemarketers”

DUH – Design by Unintelligent Hand

I’m all for teaching DUH
in America’s schools!

Time Traveler Convention and Further Thoughts

There’s a very interesting event taking place at MIT tonight — the first (and only?) Time Traveler Convention. The organizers are inviting anyone in the future who is capable of time travel to travel back to the geo coordinates of this event (to be held at MIT) and attend it, along with proof that they are from the future.… Read More “Time Traveler Convention and Further Thoughts”