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Peace in the Middle East: Could Alternative Energy Be the Solution?

I have been thinking about the situation in the Middle East and also the rise of oil prices, peak oil, and the problem of a world economy based on energy scarcity rather than abundance. There is, I believe, a way to solve the problems in the Middle East, and the energy problems facing the world, at the same time.… Read More “Peace in the Middle East: Could Alternative Energy Be the Solution?”

New Wireless Power Technology — No More Wires!

A group of physicists at MIT have come up with a new model for beaming wireless power to mobile devices, such as computers or cell phones. It promises to do for power, what wireless ethernet hubs do for network connectivity.… Read More “New Wireless Power Technology — No More Wires!”

Water Powered Car — Too Good to Be True? Video.

OK this is a clip from Fox News, which is not normally a source that I consider to be factual or trustworthy — but it cerrtainly is an interesting story. The video clip profiles an inventor who has developed a novel method of converting water to useful fuel.Read More “Water Powered Car — Too Good to Be True? Video.”

Russia Plans to Mine Helium-3 On Moon

The head of the Russian space corporation, Energia, has been quoted as stating that Russia is planning on setting up a permanent mining base on the moon to mine Helium-3. Helium-3 is a non-radioactive isotope of helium that is rare on earth but plentiful on the moon.… Read More “Russia Plans to Mine Helium-3 On Moon”

New Study: Human Hands, Feet and Foreheads Emit Light

Now this is really interesting! New research has found that certain parts of the body emit measurable numbers of photons. This may open up new diagnostic techniques. But that’s just the beginning. Spiritual healers from many different faiths have long said that they experience light coming from their hands, and can feel (and even see) energy from the hands, feet and heads of other people.… Read More “New Study: Human Hands, Feet and Foreheads Emit Light”

Hydrino Power — A New Source of Energy?

A new source of inexpensive, renewable energy that depends on a modified form of hydrogen has quantum theorists up in arms: they say it violates the laws of quantum mechanics. The inventors, on the other hand, claim they have extensive proof that it works.… Read More “Hydrino Power — A New Source of Energy?”

Global Institute for New Energy

This organization has some very cool projects studying exotic new energy devices. Check out their Projects page.

Unmatter: A Possible Third Form of Matter

This interesting abstract from CERN proposes a third form of matter that is between matter and antimatter: "unmatter." Interesting idea to track. It could have huge implications if confirmed.

Hafnium Bombs – The Next Superweapon

Here is a fascinating article about DARPA’s "high risk, high payoff" quest to develop an exotic new Hafnium bomb — a new kind of weapon that emits huge amounts of gamma rays from a very small package. This thing packs the bang of a conventional nuke in a package as small as a hand grenade — and the gamma ray burst that results can penetrate deep into bunkers and through thick materials.… Read More “Hafnium Bombs – The Next Superweapon”

Interesting New Magnetic Motor Announced: Big Claims Made

If you are interested in alternative energy, here’s something new to look at — a new magnetic motor based on ideas that originated with Nikola Tesla. The makers claim it is an "economical solution for the world’s power and energy needs."… Read More “Interesting New Magnetic Motor Announced: Big Claims Made”

Fascinating US Air Force Teleportation Physics Study

It’s official, the US Air Force has looked seriously at teleportation. This recently released Air Force report details the history of teleportation science, the present state-of-the-art, as well as several new directions for research and an extensive bibliography. Fascinating reading!

This Just In: The Race for Magnetic Power

I just received the following internal release from a company that starts alternative energy companies (Magnetic Power, Inc., which I am an investor in). MPI has a number of interesting alternative energy devices under development. My investment was in their superconducting project (ROOTS) — which focuses on room temperature superconducing polymers.… Read More “This Just In: The Race for Magnetic Power”

Russia's Best Kept Secret

Here is a fantastic article on the futuristic physics of Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev, the Tesla of Russia. Kozyrev’s theories are only now beginning to be understood. He made fundamental proposals related to zero-point energy (the energy of the quantum vacuum) as well as gravity and “anti-gravity” propulsion, as well as hidden reasons for various similarities in nature.… Read More “Russia's Best Kept Secret”

Brilliant New Electric Motor Invented in Japan

An inventor in Japan has designed a new motor that uses cleverly positioned permanent magnets to consume significantly less power than it should, and even to output more power than is put in! But before you dismiss it — read this detailed investigative article.… Read More “Brilliant New Electric Motor Invented in Japan”

Desktop Personal Fusion

Evidence is mounting for the feasibility of desktop personal fusion. The technology is based on using ultrasound to generate and collapse explosive nanobubbles in a liquid, releasing light and heat. Temperatures inside the imploding bubbles reaches 10 million degrees.

Researchers Discover Secret to Splitting Water: New Way to Extract Hydrogen

Researchers have come up with a new way to split water molecules, based on studying plants. This may provide a new way to produce hydrogen fuel.

The Big Secret? Is it all About Helium-3?

An article claims that Bush’s Moon initiative may be motivated by the lunar presence of Helium-3, a better source of fuel for nuclear reactors that just happens to be abundant on the Moon but virtually absent on Earth. The article proposes that whomever has space supremacy controls the near-earth Helium-3 supply and therefore has future energy supremacy as we move towards increasing reliance on nuclear power.… Read More “The Big Secret? Is it all About Helium-3?”

New Way to Generate Electricity, Using Water!

After 160 years the first new technology to generate electricity has been announced. A novel nanotechnology technique for generating electricity has been discovered. It uses the movement of ordinary water! This could be a revolution.